Mikhteve Dodim mi-Yayin, R. Judah Jacob Nahama, Salonica 1893 (48437)

מכתבי דודים מיין - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 48437
Title (English): Mikhteve Dodim mi-Yayin
Title (Hebrew): מכתבי דודים מיין
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Judah Jacob Nahama
City: Salonica
Publication Date: 1893
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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, 184 pp. 230:175 mm., usual light age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound as issued.


Detail Description

Only edition of this collection of articles, discourses, and correspondence from leading Jewish personalities by R. Judah Jacob Nahama. There is preliminary material and then the letters, one hundred and thirteen of varying length. The subject matter are novellae on the Torah and the Talmud, responsa, halacha, 'The Hebrew language and the Hebrew people' – as well as pamphlets in memory of people who were close to him.

R. Nahama married the daughter of R. Yaakov Modigliano, a descendant of the privileged families who immigrated from Livorno to Salonika. When his father passed away, he ran his father's business and expanded them into other commercial areas, making frequent trips to various cities and taking advantage of these trips to meet the great sages of Israel at the time. R. Nahama was one of the most active activists in the community and its institutions. He served as a member of the community committee and was active in the welfare societies in the city, mainly in Bikur Cholim, where he served as president. In 1864 he set up a local committee for the establishment of a school headed by Dr. Moshe Alatini, and together they gained the support of the Sages of Thessaloniki, Hakham Asher Kobo In 1873, a boys' school was established in Salonika. R. Nahama was active in the development and dissemination of Hebrew, and together with his friends he edited a newspaper that was founded in 1865 and whose goal was the the dissemination of Jewish enlightenment. In 1891 he founded the Society of Sfat Emet, Every Jew, by studying the Bible, various periodicals and books. R. Nahama died on the 19th of Shvat 1899 (the year 73) of his life. A large funeral took place with the participation of thousands of people, city rabbis and consuls from the European powers. In contrast to the title-page some sources give the author’s name as R. Judah ben Jacob Nahama.


Hebrew Descridpion

איזה מכתבים שונים אשר החלפתי בין אוהבי ודודי, ממני יאודה יעקב נחמה... מחברת א-ב.

אגרות מאת המחבר ואליו.

מחברת א: סאלוניקו, חש"מ, תרנ"ג. 184 עמ’.



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