Sha'ar Zekenim, Vol. I, R. Abraham Benjamin Wolf Hamburg, Sulzbach 1830 (48443)

שער הזקנים חלק א - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 48443
Title (English): Sha'ar Zekenim, Vol. I
Title (Hebrew): שער הזקנים חלק א
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Abraham Benjamin Wolf Hamburg
City: Sulzbach
Publisher: Zekel Arenstein
Publication Date: 1830
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Physical Description:

Only edition. Part I (of II), [4], 14, 96 ff., 4°, 213:178 mm., wide margins, light age staining, old hands, minpr wormhole. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Sermons, eulogies, and ethical tracts. The latter half of the work also contains responsa addressed to former pupils and rabbinical contemporaries.

R. Abraham Benjamin Wolf Hamburg (1770–1850), German talmudic scholar. Hamburg was born in Fuerth and studied at the yeshivah of R. Meshullam-Solomon Kohn, the chief rabbi of Fuerth. He succeeded his teacher as head of the yeshivah, and in 1820 was appointed moreh-zedek ("spiritual leader") of the congregation, serving also as cantor and mohel. The appointment of a new chief rabbi, however, was indefinitely postponed and R. Hamburg was hard put to combat the inroads of the Reform movement into the community. In his correspondence with R. Moses Sofer, who describes R. Hamburg as a "great man of high stature," he talks of his difficulties in building a communal mikveh (see R. M. Sofer, Hatam Sofer, Yoreh De'ah (1958), no. 214; Even ha-Ezer, 1 (1958), no. 82). By 1830, the adherents of the Reform movement had obtained a majority in the communal administration and had him removed from all his positions, except from that in the Klaus synagogue in which he had vested rights (it had been founded by one of his ancestors, R. Baermann Fraenkel). His yeshivah was closed and his opponents enlisted the help of the police in expelling his students, who numbered more than 100, from Fuerth. Ultimately, R. Hamburg himself was driven from the city and died heartbroken.

R. Hamburg's published works include sermons, responsa, talmudic novellae, and memorial addresses. Simlat Binyamin (Fuerth, 1840–41), Hamburg's other major work, is in three parts. The first contains responsa on Orah Hayyim and Yoreh De'ah, and the second under the title Nahlat Binyamin on Even ha-Ezer and Hoshen Mishpat, as well as aggadot; this section deals at length with the laws of circumcision. In the third section under the title Sha'ar Binyamin (unpublished) the author includes his own interpretations, additions, and novellae. One of his eulogies is in honor of his teacher, R. Solomon Kohn (Kol Bokhim..., Fuerth, 1820). He also paid homage to Sir Moses Montefiore in a poem on his visit to Fuerth in 1841 together with Adolphe Cremieux, on their return from the Orient. R. Hamburg taught and inspired a number of eminent disciples, among them R. Seligmann-Baer Bamberger, and R. Moses Sofer.


Hebrew Description:   

חלק ראשון וחלק שני אשר פעל ... ר' וואלף האמבורג נר"ו אשר הנהיג הישיבה הרמה להרביץ תורה בק"ק פיורדא ... בחלק הראשון נכללו דרושות והספדים ... ונתוספו בו גם איזה שו"ת ותוכחת מוסר מאת אמו"ר ... ר' משולם זלמן הכהן זצלה"ה אב"ד דק"ק פיורדא. והחלק השני כולל שאלות ותשובות ...

בהקדמות מתאונן המחבר על "בעלי חצים" שכתבו עליו מרורות ב"כתבי העמים" ועל תלאותיו מיריביו.

חלק א: [4], יד; צו דף. חלק א: כולל: "בית כריא >דרוש לשבת תשובה<" (יד דף); "בית אבל", הספד על ר' מרדכי בנעט, על ר' מאיר ב"ר יחזקאל גלוגא מפראג ועל ר' ישראל איסרל ליסא מהאהענעאס (דף א-לד, א); "קול בוכים", הספד על ר' משולם זלמן כהן, מאת המחבר, ו"הספד מאא"ז הרב ... בערמן פרענקל סג"ל זצלה"ה" על ר' אהרן דרשן אב"ד קראקא (דף לד, ב-סט); "בית גליא", "דרוש תוכח' מוסר ואיזה שו"ת", מאת ר' משולם זלמן כהן, ודרושים מאת המחבר (דף ע-צו). חלק ב,: עם שער מיוחד: ספר שער הזקנים ... בית מלוא ... כולל שאלות ותשובות אשר נשאל מחכמי הדור והתלמידים. [2], קפב דף.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000118679; EJ; Fuenn, Keneset, 304–5