Melekhet Mahashevet, R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili), Venice 1710 (48675)

מלאכת מחשבת - First Edition

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Lot Number: 48675
Title (English): Melekhet Mahashevet
Title (Hebrew): מלאכת מחשבת
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili)
City: Venice
Publisher: (Alvise Bragadin)
Publication Date: 1710
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Physical Description

First edition. Frontis[iece, [10], 98 ff., folio, 325:220 mm., extra wide margins, light age and damp staining, few repairs. A good copy bound in modern quarter vellum and marbled paper over boards.


Detail Description

A homiletic-philosophical commentary to the Pentateuch by R. Moses b. Gershon Hefez (Gentili) (1663–1711), rabbinical scholar. The family name Gentili was rendered in Hebrew as Hefez, and it is the latter name which appears in the Hebrew writings of the members of this family. Born in Trieste, R. Moses was active in Venice. He was a pupil of R. Solomon b. Isaac Nizza, who was active in Venice around 1700, and supported himself by being a private tutor. He dealt with philosophy, mathematics, and the natural sciences. He composed poems, one of which, written when he was 13, can be found in the Venice edition of the Bible (1675–78). His main work was a homiletical-philosophical commentary on the Pentateuch (Melekhet Mahashevet, Venice, 1710, with tables and a portrait of the author; second edition, Koenigsberg, 1819, with super-commentary, Mahashevet Hoshev, by R. Judah Leib Jaffe). R. Moses also wrote Hanukkat ha-Bayit, dealing with the construction of the Second Temple (Venice, 1696, with plan). On the occasion of his wedding, the poet R. Yomtov Valvasson composed a poem (Venice, 1682), and a dirge on his death was published (Ghirondi-Neppi, 241).


Hebrew Description

על חמשה חומשי תורה... ([מאת] משה חפץ).. קדם שער אמנותי מצוייר.

בעמ' האחרון: דברי דוד אלטאראס, המגיה



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