Keter Shem Tob, Part III, R. Shem Tov Gagin, London 1948 (48787)

כתר שם טוב חלק שלישי - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 48787
Title (English): Keter Shem Tob, Part III
Title (Hebrew): כתר שם טוב חלק שלישי
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Shem Tov Gagin
City: London
Publisher: Superior Printers
Publication Date: 1948
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. XXXII, 392 pp., quarto, 244:185 mm., wide margins. A very good copy bound in the original cloth over boards.

Part III of VI which appeared over a period of several years in different presses.


Detail Description

Added t.p.: Keter Shem Tob; The rites and ceremonies and liturgical variants of the Sephardim of the east and west, and of the Ashkenazim: their origin and significance. Based on the Talmud <Babylonian and Palestinian>, and all ancient and modern codes and treatises ... by ... Rabbi Shemtob Gaguine ...

R. Shem Tov b. Isaac Raphael Hezekiah Gagin (Gaguine; 1884-1953), a descendant of a famous Moroccan family of rabbinical scholars which emigrated to Palestine from Spain at the time of the Inquisition. He was Chief Judge of the London Portuguese Community prior to becoming Secretary of the Chief Rabbinate in Cairo. R. Shem TovHe was the great-grandson of R. Chaim Abraham Gagin, the first Hakham Bashi of the Holy Land during the Ottoman Empire, and the son and nephew respectively of Rabbis Isaac and Abraham Gaguin. He was the great-great grandson of the famous scholar and kabbalist, Sar Shalom Sharabi.

He studied at the "Doresh Zion" College, Jerusalem and was a pupil of R. Jacob Alfiya. At an early age, he contributed articles to the Palestinian Hebrew Press ("Hahhabbezeleth" et al.) on aspects of Jewish traditional observances, as well as on biblical and philological matters. He was awarded rabbinical diplomas by numerous authorities, including R. Haim Berlin and Chief Rabbis Jacob Meir, C.B.E. and Abraham Kook, C.B.E. of Palestine. In 1911, R. Gaguine was appointed to serve in the office of dayyanut in Cairo. In 1919, he was invited to serve In Manchester, being appointed Av Bet Din in 1920. In 1927 he was appointed Rosh Yeshivah of Judith Montefiore College in Ramsgate.


Hebrew Description

... יכיל בו טעמי המנהגים והשינוים בין נוסחאי התפלות של הספרדים במזרח, ובין הספרדים שבמערב, ובין מנהגי אשכנז. כל אלו חוברו עם מקורי טעמם ונימוקם מהבבלי והירושלמי ומספרי הראשונים והאחרונים ע"י ... שם טוב גאגין ס"ט ראש אב בית דין ומו"ץ דק"ק ספרדים באנגליא וראש ישיבת אהל משה ויהודית מונטיפיורי ... חלק א-ו.

חלק ג: טעמי המנהגים והשינויים בנוסח ההגדה של פסח ובנוסח התפלות בין הספרדים שבמזרח ובין הספרדים שבמערב, ובין מנהגי אחינו האשכנזים .



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