Beit Mo'ed, Beit ha-Sho'evah, R. Judah Shmuel Ashkenazi, Livorno 1849 (48800)

בית השואבה, סדר תפלה לחג הסוכות - Only Edition - Kabbalah

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Lot Number: 48800
Title (English): Beit Mo'ed, Beit ha-Sho'evah
Title (Hebrew): בית השואבה, סדר תפלה לחג הסוכות
Note: Only Edition - Kabbalah
Author: R. Judah Shmuel Ashkenazi
City: Livorno
Publisher: Jacob b. Samuel Ashkenazi & Brothers
Publication Date: 1849
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Physical Description

Only edition. [1], 264 ff., octavo, 175:113 mm., pp 1-4  with small loss ofd several words in upper corner, light age and damp staining, nice margins. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed


Detail Description

R. Judah Samuel Ashkenazi (1780?–1849), Palestinian scholar. Ashkenazi went on a mission on behalf of the Tiberius community in 1820, probably to North Africa; visited Gibraltar and Italy; and paid a second visit to North Africa in 1833. Ashkenazi went to Leghorn c. 1842 in order to arrange for the publication of his works, but died there. His most important works are: Yissa Berakhah (Leghorn, 1822), an exposition and halakhic clarification of section 22 of part 2 of the Toledot Adam ve-Havvah of R. Jeroham b. Meshullam dealing with the laws of marriage. The continuation was not published; Geza Yishai, a compendium of laws in alphabetical order (part 1, letters Alef-Yod, Leghorn, 1842).

R. Ashkenazi was especially interested in the Sephardi prayer book. He assembled all the relevant rules and published: Beit Oved (1843), on prayers for week days; Beit Menuhah (1843), for the Sabbath; Beit Mo'ed, part 1 (Beit ha-Sho'evah (Leghorn, 1849)) for Sukkot and Simhat Torah. He died while the book was in process of publication, and as a result of his death the manuscript of the remaining three sections on the other festivals was lost. The colophon contains a eulogy to the Author, who died during publication.


Hebrew Description:

חלק בית השואבה; סדר תפלה לחג הסוכות שמיני עצרת ושמחת תורה כמנהג ק"ק ספרדים. בית זה שלישי הוא, לעבודת הקדש בחג הסוכות ושמיני עצרת ושמחת תורה בו סדרתי, לכן בית השואבה שמו קראתי ... אנכי אי"ש ... יהודה שמואל אשכנזי.

דף א-צב,א: הלכות סוכה.

דף צב-קנט: הלכות לולב (ושאר המינים).

דף קס-קע: דיני ערב יום טוב.



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