Erez Israel veSuria, Yeshayahu Press, Vienna 1921 (48802)

ארץ-ישראל וסוריה הדרומית - First Edition - Map

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Lot Number: 48802
Title (English): Erez Israel veSuria
Title (Hebrew): ארץ-ישראל וסוריה הדרומית
Note: Map - First Edition
Author: Yeshayahu Press
City: Vienna
Publisher: J. N. Vernay
Publication Date: 1921
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition. 12, 408, [3 foldout maps, 5 drawings, 3 photos] pp., 8°, 164:107 mm., light age staining, nice margins, several minor tears. A very good copy bound in the original cloth boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Maps and description of Erez Israel and Syria by Yeshayahu Press (1874–1955), Israel historian and topographer of Erez Israel. Press was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. He was a teacher and headmaster of the Laemel School until his retirement and was active in the civic life of Jerusalem for almost 50 years. His scholarly work was devoted to the history of Erez Israel, and especially of its Jewish communities. His main work is Erez Yisrael Enziklopedyah Topografit-Historit – A Topographical-Historical Encyclopedia of Palestine (4 vols., 1946–55). His memoirs Me'ah Shanah bi-Yrushalayim, published posthumously (1964), are a vivid description of life in the Old City.

Hebrew Description

ספר-המסעות. חברו עפ"י הזמנת חברת אכספרס ארץ-ישראלי ישעיהו פרס... עם שלש מפות, חמש תכניות, שתי תכניות וגם ארבע תמונות אמנותיות מאת א. מ. לילין...

שנת כבוד הלבנון נ'ת'ן' ל'ה'



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