Dibuve Hen, R. Dov Loblovitz, Kunszentmiklosh1933 (48804)

דיבובי חן - Only Edition - Women

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Lot Number: 48804
Title (English): Dibuve Hen
Title (Hebrew): דיבובי חן
Note: Only Edition - Women
Author: R. Dov (Bernat) ben Jeremiah Loblovitz
City: Kunszentmiklosh
Publisher: Isaac Judah Schwartz
Publication Date: 1933
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. [8], 396 pp. quarto 270:200 mm., wide margins, light age staining, many uncut margins. A very good copy bound in the original paper wrappers.

Includes letter from author's widow authorizing sale of book.


Detail Description

Rare edition of these discourses and explanations of the weekly Torah readings with additional discourses in the manner of peshat and aggadah together with halakhic novellae from R. Dov (Bernat) ben Jeremiah Loblovitz. There is an introduction from R. Loblovitz who informs that he entitled the book Dibuve Hen because the initial letters of Dibuve דיבובי are ד Dov ב ben י Jeremiah ו and ב ben י Yentel, that is, Dov is his name, Jeremiah is his father’s name, and Yentel is his mother’s name, daughter of Menahem Englard, a hasid of R. Hayyim Halberstam in Zanz. He also named his book Dibuve Hen because of his prayer that his book should find favor and strengthen the fear of heaven in the hearts of the readers and in the eyes of God and man as it says in tractate Sukkah “R. Hama bar Papa stated, Every man who is endowed with grace (hen) is without doubt a God-fearing man (cf. Sukkah 59b). The text follows, first with the Torah portion and then other discourses and novellae.


Hebrew Description

כולל ביאורים ופירושים על פסוקי חמשה חומשי תורה ודרשות חכז"ל בדרך פשט ואגדה ונספחו עליהם גם גרגרים מעטים מחדושי הלכות... [מאת] דוב לאבלאוויטש...


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