Zur... religiousen Poesie, Leopold Dukes, Frankfort am Main 1842 (48816)

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Lot Number: 48816
Title (English): Zur... religiousen Poesie
Note: Only Edition
Author: Leopold Dukes
City: Frankfort am Main
Publisher: Bach'schen
Publication Date: 1842
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition. VII, [1], 175, [5] pp., 204:122 mm., light age staining, nice margins, stamps. A very good copy bound in later half marbled paper boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Leopold Dukes (Judah Loeb; 1810–1891), historian of Jewish literature. Dukes was born in Pressburg, Hungary. He was a student of R. Moses Sofer and of R. Hayyim Joseph Pollak; the latter introduced him to secular study. An inveterate, though poor, traveler, Dukes visited most of the important libraries in Europe, researching Jewish manuscripts and uncovering many hitherto unknown medieval works. His research covered various aspects of language and literature: aggadic literature, Bible exegesis, medieval Jewish literature, Hebrew grammar and the masoretic text, and talmudic maxims and truisms. Frequently, however, his research was unsystematic and his edited texts in need of correction. Dukes' translation of Rashi's Pentateuch commentary into German was published with Sofer's imprimatur in Prague during 1833–38 (Hamishah Humshei Torah im Ha'takah Ashkenazit al Perush Rashi [Raschi zum Pentateueh], 5 vols.). Dukes produced various studies on the poetry of Solomon ibn Gabirol and Moses ibn Ezra. His autobiography appears in AZDJ, 56 (1892).