Korban Mincha, Vilna 1897 (48821)

קרבן מנחה - Unrecorded - Not in Major Collections - Women - Liturgy

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Lot Number: 48821
Title (English): Korban Mincha
Title (Hebrew): קרבן מנחה
Note: Unrecorded - Not in Major Collections - Women - Liturgy
City: Vilna
Publisher: Widow & Brothers Romm
Publication Date: 1897
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Physical Description

IV, 776, 112; 288 pp., quarto, 213:144 mm., light age staining, wide margins, usage tears several ff. A good copy bound in the contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Year round prayerbook for women includes all liturgies for weekday, Sabbath, High and Festive Holidays, Occasional holidays and Fastdays, all with a Yiddish translation, Pirke Avot (306-359 pp.), Haggadah (704-727 pp.), Mei'en Ta'or - laws for women arranged by R. Moses Teitelbaum (765-776 pp.). Ma'aneh Lashon - prayers and petitions mainly for mourner (77--112 pp.) Psalms (288 pp).


Hebrew Description

כולל כל תפלות השנה נוסח אשכנז  עם כל הענינים ...בכל הסידורים קרבן מנחה שיצאו מדפוסנו ... ועתה הוספנו.. רב פנינים... שלשים מעלות חדשות...


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