Menahem Zion, R. Ezekiel Panet, Bartfeld 1907 (48824)

מנחם ציון - First Edition

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Lot Number: 48824
Title (English): Menahem Zion
Title (Hebrew): מנחם ציון
Note: Hasidic
Author: R. Ezekiel ben Moses Panet
City: Bartfeld
Publisher: M. Blayer
Publication Date: 1907
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Physical Description

25, 29-43  ff., quarto, 235:170 mm., light age staining, wide margins. A good copy not bound.


Detail Description

Hasidic commentary by the renowned Admor R. Ezekiel ben Moses Panet (1870-1929). The author was was known as an illui and for his great mental acuity. At the age of six he was already writing novellae on the Torah and at seven he was putting on tefillin. He was a great-grandson of R. Ezekiel ben Joseph Panet (1783–1845), grandson of R. Menahem Mendel of Des (1818-85), and the second son of R. Moses Panet of Des (1843-1902). R. Ezekiel was close to R. Ezekiel of Sianiawa. He married Hayyah Sarah, the daughter of R. Samuel Judah Pollack. R. Ezekiel Panet served, from 1895, as rabbi of Marousujvar, and, after the death of his father, as rabbi of Des, where he was accepted as admor by many thousands of hassidim. Knesset Yeheskel on the Torah in two parts (Des, 1931).

Hebrew Description

  אשר איזן הרב... מו’ יחזקאל פאנעט זלה"ה אב"ד ור"מ זיבענבערג בשבתות ומועדים. אמרות... וחידושי תורות... מפה... מו’ מנחם מענדיל זצוק"ל אשר... היה... בק"ק פריסטיק ואחר... בק"ק רימנוב...

 ... הבאתיו... לבה"ד... מנחם מענדיל טארעם חופ"ק צאנז נכד המחבר...



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000148492