Tovim Me'orot, R. Ya'acov Moshe Charlap, Jerusalem 1920 (49003)

טובים מאורות - Only Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 49003
Title (English): Tovim Me'orot
Title (Hebrew): טובים מאורות
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Ya'acov Moshe Charlap
City: Jerusalem
Publisher: דפוס לונץ
Publication Date: 1920
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition, [2],14] pp., octavo, 200:125 mm., nice margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in the original wrappers.

Detailed Description   

An explanation of R. Kook's Sefer Orot by R. Ya'acov Moshe Charlap (1883–1951). An Erez Israel rabbi, he was born in Jerusalem, where his father, who had immigrated from Poland, was a dayyan in the bet din of R. Moses Joshua Judah Leib Diskin. His main teacher was the Jerusalem scholar, R. Zevi Michael Shapira and under his influence R. Charlap engaged in Kabbalah and practiced asceticism. After R. Shapira's death, he published Zevi la-Zaddik (1907), in his memory, and arranged his writings for publication, publishing his halakhic work Ziz ha-Kodesh (two parts, 1920–1951) with his own additions. When R. A. I. Kook arrived in Erez Israel in 1904, R. Charlap immediately came under his influence, and a bond of unusual intimacy developed between them which was strengthened by their common interest in Kabbalah and their leaning toward mysticism and poetic meditation. R. Charlap was particularly attracted by R. Kook's thought which stressed the special role of the Jewish people as a whole, the sanctity of the land of Israel, and the Zionist movement and its upbuilding of Erez Israel—a first stage in the future messianic redemption. When in 1908 the Sha'arei Hesed district of Jerusalem was established outside the Old City, he was appointed its rabbi. In 1912 he was appointed to the Ez Hayyim yeshivah. In 1918 he was one of the chief speakers at the meeting of the rabbis of Jerusalem with Chaim Weizmann demanding that the Zionist movement confine itself to the political field, but he refused Weizmann's offer that he undertake the conduct of religious affairs in the yishuv. When the Merkaz ha-Rav yeshivah was founded in Jerusalem by Kook, R. Charlap was invited to serve as head of the yeshivah and he continued in this post until his death. After the death of R. Kook in 1935, many expected R. Charlap to be chosen as chief rabbi, and in any case he was later regarded by many as his natural successor. R. Charlap never left Erez Israel during his life and regarded it as a merit "that I never departed from holy confines and never [breathed] the air [or trod the] ground of the land of the gentiles."


Hebrew Description

מכתב (לכבוד... מו"ה אייזיק בן טובים) מאת הרב רבי יעקב משה חרל"פ שליט"א. יוצא לאור על ידי אייזיק בן-טובים...

הסברת הרעיונות שבספר "אורות" לר’ אברהם יצחק הכהן קוק, ירושלם תר"ף.


Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000138446; EJ