Ha-Mazref, Part II, R. Moses Kunitz (Kunitzer), Prague 1857 (49052)

המצרף חלק שני - Only Edition - Reform

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 49052
Title (English): Ha-Mazref, Part II
Title (Hebrew): המצרף
Note: Only Ed. - Reform
Author: R. Moses Kunitz (Kunitzer)
City: Prague
Publisher: J. Landau
Publication Date: 1857
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Physical Description

Only edition. Portrait, 94, [2] pp. quarto, 260:200 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description   

Part II of responsa by R. Moses ben Menahem Kunitz (Kunitzer). Of particular interest is the full page lithograph portrait of R. Kunitzer, here facing the first title page, although it was printed with part two of Ha- Mazref. Under the portrait is the name of the lithographer, Engel et Mandello. Pest, 1857, and in large letters Rabbi Moses Kunizer. Both are in Latin letters. Part one of Ha- Mazref was printed in Vienna in 1820, the second part in Prague in 1857. They are here bound together in their original binding. The title page of part one states that it is responsa of the “wise hearted” (Exodus 28:3, Job 37:24), the great sages of the generation, concerning new and practical issues. He brings halakhah, agadah, and piskei dinim. The verso of the title page has an unusually lonmg version of the disclaimer concerning the use of terms tghat might be offensive to non-Jews. There are 128 responsa, set in two columns in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words. It is followed by a listing of the responsa, many of which are actually novellae. Part two has a title page with text similar to part one. The enumeration of the responsa continues from part one, here from 129 through 247. It too concludes with a listing of the responsa. Both parts are bound within the original wrappers for part two, which has a pink background and text within a cartouche.

R. Moses ben Menahem Kunitz (Kunitzer) was rabbi in Ofen and dayyan in Budapest. He was born at Alt-Ofen; died Feb. 2, 1837. A descendant of the Maharal, R. Kunitz was one of the pioneers of enlightenment in Hungary. His works include: Bet Rabbi (Vienna, 1805), i.e., a biography of Judah ha-Nasi, part of which was included in Schmid's Mishnah edition in 1815; and Ben Yohai, a defense of the genuineness of the Zohar (ib. 1815). His responsum in Nogah ha-Zedek (Dessau, 1818), in which he permits the introduction of the organ into the synagogue, created a great stir. A part of his manuscript is to be found in the library of the rabbinical seminary at Budapest.


Hebrew Description  

ספר המצרף ... כולל שאלות חכמי... הדור ותשובות... לעומתן מהערות... וחקירות... בתורת אלהים... בהלכה ואגדה ובפסקי דינים ותעלומותם, בדרכי האמונה... ובכללי שפת עברית לשון הקודש... שפת ארמית לשון חכמים... המחבר... משה קוניץ מאובן... חלק א-ב.

מעבר לשער: דבר אל הקורא, מאת בן המחבר, ר' שלמה קוניץ. חלק א: (סי' א-קכח). ווין, דפוס אנטאן שטרויס, תק"ף. [2], צג, [1] עמ'. חלק ב: (סי' קכט-רמז). פראג, דפוס משה הלוי לאנדויא, תרי"ז. פורטריט, צד, [2] עמ'.




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