Penei Yehudah; Leket Yehudah, R. Judah b Isaac of Slonim, Vilna 1869; 1872 (49318)

פני יהודה: לקט יהודה - Only Editions

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Lot Number: 49318
Title (English): Penei Yehudah; Leket Yehudah
Title (Hebrew): פני יהודה: לקט יהודה
Note: Only Editions
Author: R. Judah ben Isaac of Slonim
City: Vilna
Publisher: דפוס שמואל יוסף פין ואברהם צבי ראזענקראנץ
Publication Date: 1869; 1872
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only editions, quarto, 76, 3-64, [2], 100; 30 pp. 210:160 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. Very good copies bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Only editions of these novella on tractates Shabbat and Ketubbot and likkutim on the weekly Torah readings by R. Judah ben Isaac of Slonim. The title-page of Penei Yehuda is followed by the author’s introduction and then a multi-part devar halachah on the occasion that he was appointed Rosh Mesivta Keitz in 1861 and then the hiddushim on Shabbat. Next are the hiddushim on Kettubot with new foliation. The novella for both tractates are detailed, elucidating the text of the gemara and of Tosafot. Penei Yehudah is followed by Leket Yehuda, a smaller work, with its one title-page and foliation. The title-page describes it as likkutim on very parashah on halahah and on Aggadah of value to every person.


Hebrew Description

חידושים על מס’ שבת וכתובות ... שחברתי ... יהודה בא"א מוהרר יצחק זללה"ה ר"מ בק"ק סלאנימא. חלק א-ב.

חלק א: על שבת, פרקים א-ג; כתובות, פרקים א-ב.

לק ב: כתובות, פרקים ג-י.

 לקט יהודה ...  שחברתי ... יהודה בא"א מוהר"ר יצחק זלה"ה ר"מ בק"ק סלאנימא ... מלוקט על כל פרשה מילי דהלכה וגם מילי דאגדה ...




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