She'ilot u-Tshuvot, R. Solomon b. Jehiel Luria (Maharshal), Fuerth 1768 (49326)

שאלות ותשובות

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Lot Number: 49326
Title (English): She'ilot u-Tshuvot
Title (Hebrew): שאלות ותשובות
Note: With extensive scholarly notes in margins by 18th century hand.
Author: R. Solomon ben Jehiel Luria (Maharshal)
City: Fuerth
Publisher: Hayyim b. Zevi Hirsch
Publication Date: 1768
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description:

[1], 44 ff., folio 321:188 mm., usual light age and damp staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Responsa by R. Solomon ben Jehiel Luria (Maharshal, c. 1510-64), is known for his numerous schjolarly works on Talmud and halakhah. Of note, the Hokhmat Shelomo, emendations to the Talmud, now appended to all editions of the Talmud. Many of Marshal’s emendations, have been incorporated into the text of the Talmud, so that the development of our Talmud owes a great deal to Hokhmat Shelomo. The Maharshal was descended from a distinguished family, tracing his lineage to Rashi. His teachers were his father R. Jehiel and his maternal grandfather, R. Isaac Klober of Posen. Luria served as rabbi and head of the yeshiva in Ostrog, leaving after twenty years for Brisk and subsequently becoming a rosh yeshivah in the yeshivah of Shalom Shachna. In 1567, Maharshal founded his own yeshivah. His students include R. Mordecai Jaffe (Levush), R. Joshua Falk (Derishah u-Perishah), and R. Hayyim ben Bezalel. Maharshal was known for his intellectual independence.


Hebrew Description:

מעבר לשער: אמר המדפיס... הגם שנדפסו זה פעמים... ראיתי שהשני תשובות לא ראי זה כראי זה שבכל אחד חסר שני תשובות המועילות. ואני חברתי אותם... והנה אנה ה' לידי תשובות הלזו ובסופו נכתב יחוס של ... המחבר... וזה לשונו... השתלשלות יחוס לוריא עד רש"י... נאום... אהרן בן מהור"ר משה (לוריא). שתי התשובות החסרות הן: סימן יב בהוצאה הראשונה וסימן ב בהוצאה השנייה..



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000143812; EJ