Ahavat Emet; Pe'ullat Emet, R. Samuel Loeb Kauders, Prague 1828 (49337)

אהבת אמת; פעולת אמת – Only Edition

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Lot Number: 49337
Title (English): Ahavat Emet; Pe'ullat Emet
Title (Hebrew): אהבת אמת; פעולת אמת
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Samuel Loeb Kauders
City: Prague
Publisher: M. J. Landau
Publication Date: 1828
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description:

Only edition. [5], 50; [1], 18 ff., quarto, 235:194 mm., wide margins, light age staining, dark stain in lower corner of initial few ff. A very good copy bound in later boards.


Detailed Description:   

Eighteen homilies and sermons; and appended to it Pe'ullat Emet, seven halakhic discourses by R. Samuel Loeb b. David Kauders (1766–1838), Bohemian rabbi. Born in Bechyne, Bohemia, R. Kauder studied in the yeshivah of R. Eleazar Kallir in Kolin (where he made the acquaintance of R. Bezalel Ranschburg, his lifelong friend and correspondent), and in Prague under R. Michael Bachrach. He settled in Prague where he officiated in the Altschul, and took an active part in the affairs of the hevra kaddisha and other communal institutions. In 1817 he was appointed to the rabbinate of the district of Budweis and Tabor with his seat in Kalladay. In 1834 he succeeded R. Samuel Landau in the post of Oberjurist (av bet din; chief rabbi de facto, but not in name) of Prague. He was the last native Bohemian to hold this position, and was succeeded by the Galician maskil S. L. Rapoport. His son R. Moses succeeded him as rabbi of the Altschul. His published works are: Olat Shemu'el, consisting of 111 responsa to Orah Hayyim (Prague, 1823); Ahavat Emet (part 1, 1828); and Zikkaron ba-Sefer (1937), a short commentary on tractate Megillah.


Hebrew Description:

חלק ראשון. כולל ח"י מאמרים אגדתא מוסר השכל מיוסדים על אדני החקירה (לברר מקראות סתומים ומאמרים זרים במדרשים ואגדות)... ונלוה אליהם שבעה מאמרים שמעתתא... ממני... שמואל ליב קוידער חונה פה ק"ק קאלדי...

דף מז, ב-נ: אבל כבד... לידידי... מו"ה בצלאל ראשנבורג זצ"ל. הספד. [1], יח דף, עם שער מיוחד: פעולת אמת כולל שבעה מאמרים (שיטות) שמעתתא.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000162710; EJ