Sha’ar ha-Melekh, R. Mordecai ben Samuel, Grodno 1791 (49356)

שער המלך

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Lot Number: 49356
Title (English): Sha’ar ha-Melekh
Title (Hebrew): שער המלך
Author: R. Mordecai ben Samuel
City: Grodno
Publisher: Ezekiel ben Nahum
Publication Date: 1791
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Physical Description

[58, 70] ff. quarto 190:175 mm., nice margins, usual age staining. A good copy not bound.


Detail Description

Popular ethical work by R. Mordecai ben Samuel, av bet din of Vyelkotsh (Wielkie Oczy). The title page begins that one who opens the gate (sha’ar) to cleave to teshuvah should have his tongue cleave to its palate. It emphasizes that it is of equal value to everyone “a wise man will hear, and will increase learning” (Proverbs 1:5). It further informs that Sha’ar ha-Melekh is comprised of seven gates, enumerating 1) the month of Elul 2) the days of selihot erev Rosh Ha-Shanah, how to supplicate the One who decrees ad fulfills 3) Rosh Ha-Shanah, to teach the ways of teshuvah 4) on Rosh Ha-Shanah that Comes out on Shabbat 5) on the ten days of repentance between Rosh Ha-Shanah and Yom Kippur, to sanctify a holy people who wait for His salvation. Also and on Yom Kippur itself and the Avodah and 6) on hilkhot Pesah to ensure that all one’s deeds be examined. These gages are further divided into chapters so that the reader can go through them in short periods of time without difficulty. There is an introduction from te author and then the text, in two columns in rabbinic letters. Sha’ar ha-Melekh is in two parts, each with its own title page.


Hebrew Description

לפרט לבו'א אל ש'ער' ה'מ'לך מלכו של עולם



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