Yitav Panim, R. Jekuthiel Judah Teitelbaum, Lemberg; Munkacs 1881-83 (49357)

ייטב פנים - First Edition - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 49357
Title (English): Yitav Panim
Title (Hebrew): ייטב פנים
Note: First Edition - Hasidic
Author: R. Jekuthiel Judah Teitelbaum
City: Lemberg; Munkacs
Publisher: Salat; דפוס פנחס בלייער
Publication Date: 1881-83
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Physical Description:

First edition. [1], 163, [1 of 2]; [1], 160, [1] ff., quarto, 240:174 mm., light age, heavy damp staining, wide margins, tears, bound in modern boards, rubbed and damp stained.


Detailed Description:   

Hasidic and kabbalistic commentary on the festivals, incldes section on the Haggadah.

R. Jekuthiel Judah b. Eleazer Nisan Teitelbaum of Sighet (1808–1883), became one of the greatest admorim in Hungary. Born in Drogobych, he studied with his grandfather, R. Moses, and served first as rabbi at Stropkov. After his grandfather's death in 1841 he was rabbi in Ujhely, but was forced to leave under pressure by the Mitnaggedim. He then officiated in Gorlice and Drogobych. However, he became known chiefly as rabbi at Sighet, where he moved in 1858; he subsequently gathered around him many Hasidim, and also founded a yeshivah. R. Jekuthiel Judah wrote many works, among them Yitav Panim, on the festivals (in two parts, 1881–83); responsa Avnei Zedek (in two parts, 1885–86); and Rav Tov on the Torah (1889).


Hebrew Description:

... תוכח"ת מוסר. בין כסה לעשור ... במועדים ... ושבתות השנה ... הכינו ... הרב בעל המחבר ספר ייטב לב על התורה. שמו בקרבו [ר' יקותיאל יהודה טייטלבוים] ... [חלק א-ב].

שם המחבר נזכר בהקדמת נכדו, ר' משה דוד טייטלבוים, בהוצאה השנייה, חוסט תרע"ב.
[חלק א]: לעמבערג,
[חלק א]:דפוס Salat .W .U ויעקב משולם ניק,
[חלק א]: תרמ"ב, 1881. [1], קסג, [2] דף.
[חלק ב]: מונקאטש, דפוס פנחס בלייער, תרמ"ג. [1], קס, [1] דף.



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