Shetei Yadot, R. Abraham Hazkuni, Amsterdam 1726 (49365)

שתי ידות - Only Edition - Kabbalah

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Lot Number: 49365
Title (English): Shetei Yadot
Title (Hebrew): שתי ידות
Note: Only Edition - Kabbalah
Author: R. Abraham Hazkuni
City: Amsterdam
Publisher: Joseph Dayyan
Publication Date: 1726
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Physical Description

Only edition, [2], 3-28, 28-225, [2] ff., folio, 300:205mm., nice margins, age and damp staining. A good copy bound in modern cloth boards.


Detail Description

Kabbalistic commentary to the Pentateuch. R. Abraham Hazkuni (b. 1627), rabbi and kabbalist, was born in Cracow, and was a disciple of R. Yom Tov Lipmann Heller. He published a summary of R. Isaac Luria's Sefer ha-Kavvanot under the title Zot Hukkat ha-Torah (Venice, 1659). His commentary on the Zohar, Shetei Yadot consisting of two parts, Yad Ramah and Yad Adonai, was lost through the negligence of the printer, with the exception of eight pages which are preserved in Oxford and New York (JTS). His son Jacob later published his father's commentary on the Pentateuch under this same title. R. Hazkuni also wrote Zera Avraham, a two-part work containing casuistic derashot on the Torah; Yode'a Binah, of unknown content; and novellae to the tractates Bezah and Mo'ed Katan. He died in Tripoli.


Hebrew Description:

דרושים ... מיוסדי' על פי גמרות ומדרשים [על סדר הפרשיות] ... [מאת] המקובל ... ר' אברהם חזקוני זצוק"ל ... הובא לבית הדפוס ע"י ... ר' יעקב חזקוני בן הרב המחבר ...

בכמה מקומות נכנסו דרשות מאת המדפיס ר' יוסף דיין ב"ר שמעון עקיבה בער.



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