Zafenat Pa'neah Hadash, R. Joseph of Przemyslany, Frankfurt am Oder 1693-94 (49367)

צפנת פענח חדש - First Edition

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Lot Number: 49367
Title (English): Zafenat Pa'neah Hadash
Title (Hebrew): צפנת פענח חדש
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Joseph ben Moses of Przemyslany
City: Frankfort on the Oder
Publisher: Michael Gottschalk
Publication Date: 1693-94
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Physical Description:

First edition, 60 ff., quarto, 180:140 mm., nice margins, light age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in recent boards.


Detailed Description:   

Homilies on diverse subjects by R. Joseph ben Moses (Ashkenazi), darshan of Przemyslany and rabbi and dayyan in that location (17th cent.) He was the author of Keter Torah (Berlin, 1699), and his commentary on the Haggadah is included in Haluka de-Rabbanan (Amsterdam, 1695). The title page states that it is:

Discourses, pleasing and delightful, a "work well set" (cf. Isaiah 3:24), a work of great sharpness, "more precious than fine gold" (cf. Isaiah 13:12) and pearls. His Torah was expounded with forty­ nine faces, and within each and every entry you will find many views. Written by the great rav, the darshan of Przemyslany; R. Joseph ben Moses, grandson of the gaon R. Abraham Ashkenazi, descended from Rashi, son-in-law of R. Naphtali of Przemyslany, and author of Ketonet Passim.

The title page dates the beginning of work to Tuesday, the day that it states two times "it was good  טוב(15)" (Genesis 1:10, 12) Kislev "And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zafenat-Panean (he who explains what is hidden)  שם יוסף צפנת פענח (454 == December 5, 1693)" (Genesis 41:45). The colophon (s9b) dates completion of the work to Thursday, 2 Shevat, "One law shall be for him who is native born, and for the stranger who sojourns among you  תורה אחת יהיה לאזרח ולגר הגר  בתוככם(454 == January 28, 1694)" (Exodus 12:49). There is an approbation signed by nine rabbis from the Va'adArbaAratzot (rb): Joseph's introduction (rb-zb), beginning that the Torah is expounded in 49 ways and concluding that the book is named Zafenat Pa'ne'ah for it reveals that which is concealed; the text (3a-59b) in two columns in rabbinic letters; concluding with errata (eoa-b) and a list of abbreviations (6ob).

Zafenat Pa'neoh Hadash is comprised of 60 discourses on diverse subjects, most discourses addressed in several homilies, varying in number from one homily (17 discourses) to sixteen (1) entries and in length from several pages to brief paragraphs The subjects are Adam and Hava, explained in sixteen entries; Patriarchs and Matriarchs; Eretz Israel; first-born; creation; blessing; exile and redemption; robbery; redemption and David (15 Shir ha-Maalot); judgment, mercy, and David; hekdesh; confession and repentance; merit and obligation; sin and punishment; tohorah and tuma; Jacob and tribulation; Judah, yibum and halizah; priesthood; honor of Torah and Torah scholars; honor, praise, and rising; learning the written and oral Torahs; Mizraim; Tabernacle and Temple; Moses and Aaron; flood and dispersion; angels; damages, marital property (melog and zon barzel); marriage and divorce; Sodom and Gomorrah; Sanhedrin; witnesses: slaves; Pesah, removal of hamez; Pharaoh and Mizraim; zaddikim; curse and blessing; Korah and his assembly; Cain and Abel and the splitting of the Reed Sea; Keri'at Shema; betrothal; considerable possessions; the wicked; Shabbat; representatives; tribes; oaths; reward and punishment; reward of mitzvah and Torah; resurrection; and repentance and terumot and ma’aiaserot.


Hebrew Description:

 ... דרושים ... שחיבר הרב ... הדרשן מפרעמסלא מוהר"ר יוסף במהור"ר משה נכד ... ר’ אברהם אשכנזי ... חתן ... ר’ נפתלי מפרעמסלא ...



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