Kinhah Hu, R. Hananiah Elhanan Hai b. Isaac haKohen, Reggio 1811 (49400)

קינה היא וקוננוה - Only Editions

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Lot Number: 49400
Title (English): Kinhah Hu
Title (Hebrew): קינה היא וקוננוה
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Hananiah Elhanan Hai ben Isaac haKohen
City: Reggio
Publisher: Tipografia della Societa
Publication Date: 1811
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Physical Description

Only edition, folio, broadside, 398:295 mm. creased on folds.


Detail Description

Poem in eulogy for R. Ishmael b. Abraham Isaac ha-Kohen (1723–-11811), rabbi of Modena, enjoyed a high standing in the Jewish world generally and was the last Italian rabbi who was accepted throughout the rabbinic world as a halakhic authority. R. Ishmael was among those invited by Napoleon to answer questions put to the Assembly of Jewish Notables which took place in Paris in 1806. From his replies on this occasion as well as from his other halakhic rulings, both published and in manuscript, he emerges as a rabbi alive to the needs of the times and inclined to narrow the gap between them and traditions. His realistic and moderate approach is clearly revealed in his responsa published under the name Zera Emet (pt. 1, Leghorn, 1785; pt. 2, ibid., 1796; pt. 3, Reggio, n.d.), see especially pt. 1, nos. 69, 74, and 89; pt. 2, no. 107; and pt. 3, nos. 32, 33, and 42. Many responsa remain unpublished.

R. Hananiah Elhanan Hai ben Isaac haKohen was an Italian, rabbi and scholar; born at Reggio nell' Emilia about 1750: died March 28, 1834. He studied under R. Sansone Nahmani and R. Isaiah Vita Carmi. He established in his native city a school that produced several rabbis, among whom D. J. Maroni deserves special mention. R. Coen preached not only at Reggio nell' Emilia, but also in the neighboring communities. In 1825 he was called as chief rabbi to Florence, where he founded a Hebrew printing-press. His works include: "Ḥinnuk la-Na'ar" (Instruction for the Boy), 2 vols., Reggio, 1804; Venice, 1805; 6th ed., Leghorn, 1880; "Likkute Messektot"; "Sha'are ha-Talmud" (Doors of the Talmud), Reggio, 1811, a collection of treatises; "Reshit Lekah" (Beginning of Doctrine), Reggio, 1809, a handbook of elementary instruction in Hebrew and Italian; a Hebrew-Italian dictionary, entitled "Ma'aneh ha-Lashon" (Answer of the Tongue), ib. 1812; a Hebrew grammar, "Dikduk Leshon ha-Ḳodesh," Venice, 1808; "Shebile Emunah" (Ways of Faith), another pedagogical work; "Zemirot Yisrael" (Songs of Israel), Leghorn, 1793; "Ruah Hadashah" (The New Spirit), Reggio, 1822; "Saggio di Eloquenza Sacra del Dott. Anania Coen Rabbino"; "Della Poesia Rabbinica," 2 vols., Florence, 1828; "Della Poesia Scritturale," Reggio (n.d.), containing some of his own poems.


Hebrew Description

 על פטירת... ר"מ ור"מ [ריש מתא וריש מתיבתא] דק"ק מודונא... ר’ ישמעאל הכהן... ועל אלה אני בוכיה... כי... נפל... בעשירי לחדש סיון שנת התקע"א... נאם צעיר התלמידים... חשיב כלה [חנניה חי הכהן].

שיר בלתי מנוקד בן יד בתים. פותח: לא קול השיר לא קול כנור ונבל (אוצר השירה והפיוט, כרך ג, עמ’ 6, מס’ 98). שמו של המחבר לפי א"ב פיפירנו, קול עגב, ליוורנו תר"ו, ד’ לג-לה.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000302366