Elijah Mizrahi, R. Elijah Mizrahi, Venice 1545 (49763)

אלי' מזרחי - Map of Erez Israel

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 49763
Title (English): Elijah Mizrahi
Title (Hebrew): אלי' מזרחי
Note: Map of Erez Israel
Author: R. Elijah Mizrahi
City: Fuerth
Publisher: דפוס דניאל בומבירגי
Publication Date: 1545
Estimated Price: $2,000.00 USD - $4,000.00 USD
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Physical Description

320 ff., folio,  310:206 mm., light age and damp staining, full wide margins, title laid down and extended to size. A very good copy bound in contemporary  boards, rubbed and split.

With map of Erez Israel on f. 280v.


Detail Description

Super-commentary to the commentary of Rashi on Torah by the rabbinical authority and perhaps greatest of the rabbis of the Ottoman Empire of his time. R. Mizrahi was of Romaniot origin (the original Turkish Jews as distinct from the Spanish exiles) and was born and educated in Constantinople. Among his teachers he mentions R. Elijah ha-Levi in rabbinic studies and Mordecai Comitiano in general studies. Until the death of R. Moses Capsali, R. Mizrahi devoted himself to study and public instruction. As early as 1475 he is mentioned as heading a keneset (probably a school in addition to a synagogue) and as having students. After the death of R. Capsali in 1498 R. Mizrahi became the foremost rabbinical authority in Constantinople and in fact throughout the whole Ottoman Empire. From far and near, problems of halakhah and procedure were addressed to him. There is reason to believe that he filled the position of head of the rabbis of Constantinople (though he did not have the title of hakham bashi, appointed by the sultan, since that office did not exist at that period). Nevertheless, it would seem that his authority derived not from any official position, but from the recognition of his personality and strength. He was considered both by his contemporaries and later generations as the greatest posek of his time in Turkey. He was firm and unbending in his decisions, and even the great rabbis among the Spanish exiles accepted his authority.


Hebrew Description:

ביאור לפירוש רש"י על התורה.

קולופון: עד הנה הגיע שיעור הדפסת הספר... על ידי קורנילייו ב"ר ברוך אדיל קינד...



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