Tuv Ta'am vuDa'at, R. Solomon ben Judah Kluger, Lemberg 1860 (49810)

טוב טעם ודעת; קנאת סופרים ‬- Only Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 49810
Title (English): Tuv Ta'am vuDa'at; Kinat Sofrim
Title (Hebrew): טוב טעם ודעת; קנאת סופרים
Note: Only Editions
Author: R. Solomon ben Judah Kluger
City: Lemberg
Publisher: ישכר ב"ק ואברהם יצחק מענקיש
Publication Date: 1860
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

Two only editions. 64; 80, 80-81, [6]  ff., tall folio, 400:240 mm., light age and damp staining, extra wide margins, stamps of previous owners. Very good copies bound in modern cloth over boards.

Includes [6] ff. printed after completion of the work and not included in many copies.


Detail Description

Important halakhic works on the laws of Trefot and Yore Deah by R. Solomon ben Judah Kluger, one of the foremost rabbinic sages of the nineteenth century. The document is actually comprised of several wills and testaments, the first and longest dated Thursday, 4 Adar Rishon “you are justified תצדק (594 = 1834) in your sentence, and clear in your judgment” (Psalms 51:6). R. Kluger notes that he has entered his fiftieth year and that in the year of the Yovel (fiftieth year) that “shall return every man to his possession” (Leviticus 25:10, 13). Comprised of seventeen paragraphs, the first is general, the others more specific. It is followed by a second briefer will and testament dated 1848, a third dated 1854, and a fourth dated 1853. The monograph concludes with a statement from R. Kluger’s son R. Benjamin Kluger. A fascinating document that gives insight into the thinking of one of the greatest rabbis of the of the nineteenth century.

R. Solomon ben Judah Kluger (1785–1869) was a talmudist and halakhist. Kluger became known as the Maggid of Brody and as MaHaRSHaK (Morenu ha-Rav Shelomo Kluger). He received his early education from his father, the rabbi of Komarov, who died during Solomon's boyhood. At 13 he went to Zamosc where he studied under Mordecai Reuben and R. Jacob Kranz , the famous maggid of Dubno. He soon became known as an illui ("prodigy"). For a time he lived in Rava where he became a shopkeeper, but failed. He was then prevailed upon to accept the post of rabbi at Kolki; from there he went to Josefov and in 1820 to Brody, where he remained for about 50 years. R. Kluger had a great reputation which still endures. A prolific writer, he wrote hundreds of responsa. He is said to have written 375 books, the numerical equivalent of his name Solomon; the list of his known works comprises no less then 174, of which 15 were published during his life and 15 posthumously. Kluger was an extremist in his orthodoxy, vehemently opposing the maskilim, whose influence was already making itself felt in Brody, and fighting against every endeavor to change the least important of religious customs prevalent in Eastern Europe. He led the opposition to the use of machine-baked unleavened bread for Passover, but in this he was motivated mainly by social considerations, claiming that it would rob many poor people of a much needed source of income on Passover. He was succeeded in Brody by his son, Abraham Benjamin.

The following of his writings have been published: "Sefer ha-Ḥayyim" (Zolkiev, 1825), novellæ on Shulḥan 'Aruk, Oraḥ Ḥayyim (his novellæ on the other parts of the Shulḥan 'Aruk have not been published); "Me Niddah" (ib. 1834), halakic and haggadic novellæ on Niddah; "'En Dim'ah" (part 1; ib. 1834), funeral sermon on the death of Ephraim Solomon Margaliot; "Ebel Yaḥid" (Warsaw, 1836), funeral oration on Menahem Manis Mordecai Teomim; "Nidre Zerizin" (Zolkiev, 1839), novellæ on Nedarim; "Ebel Mosheh" (with "'En Dim'ah," part 2; Warsaw, 1843), funeral orations on Moses Schreiber (Sofer) and Jacob Lissa; "Shenot Ḥayyim" (Lemberg, 1855; the first part contains responsa on Shulḥan 'Aruk, Oraḥ Ḥayyim; the second, responsa and novellæ for scribes); "Sefer Setam" (ib. 1856), laws for scribes; "Moda'a le-Bet Yisrael" (Breslau, 1859), responsa, chiefly of other rabbis, concerning maẓẓot made by machine; "Ṭub Ṭa'am wa-Da'at" (Lemberg, 1860; the first part contains the laws of ṭerefah; the second, entitled "Ḳin'at Soferim," contains laws for scribes and various laws of the Yoreh De'ah); "Ḥiddushe Anshe Shem" (Leipsic, 1860), novellæ on Shulḥan 'Aruk, Eben ha-'Ezer; "Ma'aseh Yede Yoẓer" (Lemberg, 1863), commentary on the Pesaḥ Haggadah; "Sefer 'Abodat 'Abodah" (Zolkiev, 1865), novellæ on 'Abodah Zarah. Kluger's taḳḳanot concerning slaughtering are printed in Ganzfried's "Torat Zebaḥ" (Lemberg, 1848), and two of his responsa in David Solomon Eybeschütz's "Ne'ot Deshe" (ib. 1861).


Hebrew Description

.. על יו"ד ... אשר השבתי לשואלי דבר, הן בהלכה למעשה הן דרך קושיא ופירוקא... שלמה קליגר בן... מוה’ יהודה אהרן אב"ד דק"ק קאמרוב הסמוך לק"ק זאמישטץ ... [מהדורא קמא]-מהדורא תליתאי.

מהדורא תניינא: ... חלק א-ב. לעמברג, דפוס ישכר ב"ק ואברהם יצחק מענקיש, תר"ך-תרכ"א, 1860. חלק א: על הלכות טרפות’... אשר אספתי... מכל חבורינו על יו"ד... השייכים להלכות טרפות. בשנת ב’ט’ו’ב’ ט’ע’ם’ ו’ב’ד’ע’ת’ [תר"ך]. [4], סו דף. חלק ב: קנאת סופרים. בו יבואר דיני ספר תורה תפילין ומזוזות ודיני נדה ומקוואות ונדרים. וגם קצת שו"ת לשאר הלכות יורה דעה. תר"ך-תרכ"א. פ, פ-פא דף.

בשער חלק ב: בשנת קנאת סופרים ת’ר’ב’ה’ חכמה, בצירוף המ"ק [המספר קטן, תר"ך]. קולופון: ותשלם כל המלאכה... א’כ’ת’ר’ [תרכ"א].

דף ג-ד: "השמטות לחבורי טטו"ד מה"ת לה’ [טוב טעם ודעת, מהדורא תניינא, להלכות] טריפות". לאחר שיצא ספר קנאת סופרים הדפיס המחבר ששה דפים נוספים בשם "השמטות לספרי קנאת סופרים" וספחם לטפסים שנשארו בידו. (על פי טופס כזה נדפס בירושלים תשל"ד דפוס-צילום של "קנאת סופרים", אלא שהחלו להדפיס את השמטות בעמ’ האחרון של הספר ומספרו את הדפים הבאים: פג-פח). ‬



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000164092; E. Kohn, Ḳin'at Soferim, pp. 108a-109b, Lemberg, 1892; Judah Aaron Kluger, Toledot Shelomoh, Lemberg, 1898; JE EJ