Peirush haGet, R. Samson of Chinon, [Constantinople] c. [1515-18] (49811)

פירוש הגט ‬- First Edition

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Lot Number: 49811
Title (English): Peirush haGet
Title (Hebrew): פירוש הגט
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Samson ben Isaac of Chinon
City: [Constantinople]
Publication Date: c. [1515-18]
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Physical Description

First edition, [12] ff., quarto, 188:140 mm., nice margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in modern full leather over boards.


Detail Description

R. Samson ben Isaac of Chinon, French Talmudist; lived at Chinon between 1260 and 1330. In Talmudic literature he is generally called after his native place, Chinon (Hebr. ), and sometimes by the abbreviation MaHaRShaḲ. He was a contemporary of R. Perez Kohen Gerondi, who, as reported by R. Isaac ben Sheshet, declared R. Samson to be the greatest rabbinical authority of his time (Responsa, No. 157).

Samson was the author of the following works: (1) "Sefer Keritut" (Constantinople, 1515), a methodology of the Talmud divided into five parts: (a) "Bet Middot," treating of the thirteen rules of R. Ishmael; (b) "Bet ha-Miḳdash," on the rules for deductions by analogy and conclusions a fortiori; (c) "Netibot 'Olam," containing explanations of the thirty-two rules of R. Eliezer ben Jose ha-Gelili; (d) "Yemot 'Olam," giving the names of the Tannaim and Amoraim, and setting forth a method for deciding between the contrary opinions of two doctors; (e) "Leshon Limmudim," explanations of certain halakic decisions. The "Sefer Keritut," owing to its easy style and its author's great authority, became a classic. (2) "Ḳonṭres," a commentary on the Talmudic treatises 'Erubin and 'Abodah Zarah; mentioned in the "Sefer Keritut." (3) "Bi'ur ha-Geṭ" (Vienna MS. No. 48), on the laws concerning divorce.

R. Samson wrote also responsa, several of which are quoted by R. Joseph Colon (Responsa, No. 187) and R. Solomon ben Adret (Responsa, iii., No. 1; iv., No. 152). According to Gross, R. Samson was the author of the supercommentary on Ibn Ezra's commentary on the Pentateuch found by Judah Mosconi at Perpignan between 1363 and 1375 (Halberstam MS.). As regards the word (= "of Marseilles"), which appears in the manuscript after the name R. Samson of Chinon, Gross believes that R. Samson settled at Marseilles after the banishment of the Jews from France.


Hebrew Description

[מאת ר’ שמשון ב"ר יצחק מקינון].

נדפס בלא שער. עיין: א. יערי, הדפוס העברי בקושטא, ירושלים תשכ"ז, עמ’ 82, מס’ 82.

התוכן: דפים [1, א- 3, ב]: "פירוש הגט". בסוף: "עד כאן לשון מרש"ק [מורנו ר’ שמשון קינון] זצ"ל". דפים [3, ב- 8, א]: "סדר נתינת הגט". דפים [8, ב- 12, ב]: "סדר החליצה". בסוף: "סליק פרק גט חליצה".

ראה: ב’ נויזיץ וד’ פרוינדליך, ספר קונדריסין לחד מקדמאי, בתוך ספר הזכרון לרש"ב ורנר, ירושלים תשנ"ו, עמ’ רסה-רסח. לדעתם רק החלק הראשון הוא מר’ שמשון מקינון, ושני החלקים האחרים לוקטו כנראה באיטליה במחצית השניה של המאה הט"ו. עיין גם הערתו של רנ"נ רבינוביץ, בתוך: א’ דיינארד, עתיקות יהודה, ירושלם תרע"ט, עמ’ 32.

נדפס עם "פי’ הכתובה לר’ שמעון ב"ר צמח" ועם "משפטי החרם והנדוי והנזיפה".



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000176311; Yaari, Kushta #82; Azulai, Shem ha-Gedolim, i. 182; JE