Avodat haKodesh, R. Solomon ben Abraham ibn Adret (Rashba), Venice 1601-02 (50057)

עבודת הקודש

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50057
Title (English): Avodat haKodesh
Title (Hebrew): עבודת הקודש
Author: R. Solomon ben Abraham ibn Adret (Rashba)
City: Venice
Publisher: Daniel Zanetti
Publication Date: 1601-02
Estimated Price: $1,000.00 USD - $2,000.00 USD
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Physical Description

76 ff. quarto, 185:135 mm., light age and damp staining, old hands and stamps, paper repairs throughout, bound in modern quarter leather and marbled paper over boards, corners tipped in.

Detail Description

Tri-part work, consisting primarily of Avodat ha-Kodesh on Sabbath and festivals by R. Solomon ben Abraham ibn Adret (Rashba, c. 1235–c. 1310) together with Ba’alei ha-Nefesh on hilkhot niddah by R. Abraham ben David of Posquières (Rabad III, c. 1125–1198) and Kelalei Yayin Nesekh on the proscription against gentile wine by R. Aaron ben Joseph ha-Levi (c. 1235-1300). Rashbah, one of the preeminent talmudists and halakhic authorities in medieval Spain, was a student of R. Jonah ben Abraham Gerondi (Rabbenu Yonah, c. 1200-1263). Rashba served as rabbi of Barcelona for forty years, achieving such recognition and respect that he was acknowledged as El Rab d=Espana (rabbi of Spain; concerning Rashba see 16th Cent. 1:158-59, 238-39; concerning Rabad below Ba’alei ha-Nefesh). R. Aaron ha-Levi was a student of R. Moses ben Nahman (Ramban) and teacher of R. Yom Tov Ishbili (Ritba, c. 1250–1330). Only a small portion of his novellae have been printed. He was also the author of Bedek ha-Bayit, critical glosses to Rashba’s Torat ha-Bayit. The title page states, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” (Psalms 133:1) “and they shall be coupled together” (Exodus 26:24, 36:29), engraved “with an iron pen and lead” (Job 19:24), and the book Avodat ha-Kodesh from the Gaon ha-Rashba and the book, Ba’alei ha-Nefesh by the great Eshel (Tamarisk), the gaon, the Rabad. “And there the weary are at rest” (Job 3:17) and they will find rest נופש for the soul נפש and if “you are a person of sensitivity (ba’al nefesh נפש) put a book to your throat” (cf. Proverbs 23:2), and if not woe the lost soul נפש . . . .

The title page further notes some of the additional contents of the book and that the editor was R. Isaac Gershon. It is not dated. There is, however, a beginning date after the introduction, Tuesday, 3 Kislev “In your name בשמך (362 = November 27, 1601) shall they rejoice” (Psalms 89:17) and a completion date in the colophon, erev Shabbat 25 Tevet “In your name בשמך (362 = January 18, 1602) shall they rejoice all the day.” The title page is followed by the introduction of R. Naphtali ben Joseph of Safed, who brought the book to press; he emphasizes the rarity of these works. Next is verse from the Rashba and then the text, in a single column in small rabbinic letters. The volume is comprised of the shorter form Avodat ha-Kodesh (3a-47b) – the lengthier version not having been published – comprised of Beit Netivot on Shabbat domains and Beit Mo’ed on festivals, both in five she’arim. The former is concerned with entrances, alleyways, shared properties, and Shabbat boundaries, the latter with activities prohibited on festivals; laws pertaining to food preparation such as baking, cooking, and slaughtering; food preparation not necessary for a Jew or necessary for a non-Jew; eruv tavshilin; and muktzeh, nolad, and work by a non-Jew for a Jew that is prohibited. Ba’alei ha-Nefesh (48a-75a) is on the laws of niddah and Kelalei Yeyin Nesekh (75b) on gentile wine. The volume concludes with errata (74a, should say 76a).


Hebrew Description

... להרב ... הרשב"א ... וספר בעלי הנפש, להאשל ... הראב"ד ... ולפי שמצאנו ראינו שיר ("ערך משכיל ערך") ... שחבר הרשב"א זצ"ל בראש זה הספ', על כן הקדמנו ספרו לספר הראב"ד זצ"ל. הגם שקדם בזמן ... הוגה ... על יד ... ר' יצחק גרשון ...

דף ב,א: הקדמה מאת המביא לבית הדפוס, נפתלי ב"ר יוסף, תושב צפת. דף ב,ב: שיר "שיסד ... הרשב"א", פותח: ערך משכיל ערך. אוצר השירה והפיוט, ג, עמ' 290, מס' 939. דף ג-מז: עבודת הקדש. כולל שני "בתים": בית נתיבות (דיני מבואות, רשויות ועירובין) ובית מועד (דיני יום טוב). דף מח-עה,א: בעלי הנפש, חיבור על הלכות נידה, מאת ר' אברהם ב"ר דוד. דף עה,ב: כלל יין נסך להרב רבינו אהרן הלוי זצ"ל.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000105673; Heller, 17th Cent.