Haggadah le-Pesach, Va’ad Hazzalah, Munich 1948 (50071)

הגדה לפסח - Haggadah - Holocaust

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50071
Title (English): Haggadah le-Pesach
Title (Hebrew): הגדה לפסח
Note: Holocaust - Haggadah
City: Munich
Publisher: Va’ad Hazzalah
Publication Date: 1948
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

[21] pp., octavo, 201:140 mm., light age, food & wine staining, wide margins. A good copy bound in recent wrappers.

Printed for Holocaust survivors in the DP camps.


Detail Description

Printed in Fernwald, Germany for the Holocaust survivors in the liberation camps. Haggadah with several hasidic commentaries.

Printed for the Holocaust refugees by the Va’ad Hazzalah, a group organized by Rabbi Eliezer Silver and the American Rabbinate to rescue survivors and provide sustenance until their resettlement. Rabbi Silver established the group when the refugee yeshiva pupils reached Vilna in 1939–40 following the Nazi invasion of Poland. During the ensuing years he applied the same body to rescuing European rabbis, scholars, and students. In 1946, Rabbi Silver visited Europe and Erez Israel as an official representative of the United States government to assist the war refugees.


Hebrew Description

 עם פירוש דרך חיים ונ"ש [ונהורא שלם] מאת... ר’ יעקב [לארבערבוים] מליסא זצ"ל. מתנה מאת ועד ההצלה להשארית הפליטה. נדפס ע"י הועד להוצאות ספרים אצל ועד ההצלה, הרב נפתלי בארוך, הרב אביעזר בורשטין.

אין כאן פירוש "דרך חיים", אלא דינים, מתוך סידור דרך החיים.

הפירוש "נהורא השלם" הוא של ר’ אהרן ב"ר יחיאל מיכל ממיכיילישאק.



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