Shammot ba-Arez - Kappot Temarim, Wilhelm Friederich, 1766 (50080)

שמות בארץ - כפות תמרים

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50080
Title (English): Shammot ba-Arez - Kappot Temarim
Title (Hebrew): שמות בארץ - כפות תמרים
Author: R. Moses ben Solomon Ibn Habib
City: Karlsruhe
Publisher: Wilhelm Friederich
Publication Date: 1766
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description:

[2], 16; 30; 41 ff., folio, 320:200 mm., usual light age and damp staining, nice margins. A very good copy not bound.


Detailed Description:   

Second edition of this multi-part work of novellae on the tractates dealing with the festivals in Tishrei by R. Moses ben Solomon Ibn Habib, one of the sages of Constantinople. There is an introduction from the author and several approbations followed by the text, which is in three parts, each with its own foliation. The first part is Yom Teru'ah on tractate Rosh Ha-Shanah, followed by Tosafot Yom ha-Kippurim on tractate Yoma, and Kappot Temarim on the tractate Sukkah.

R. Moses ben Solomon Ibn Habib (c. 1654–1696) was a Turkish rabbi and author. He was born in Salonika , a descendant of R. Levi ben Habib , and went to Jerusalem in his youth. He studied in the yeshiva of R. Jacob Hagiz and from c. 1677 to 1679 he traveled as an emissary of Jerusalem, reaching as far as Budapest. In 1688 Habib was appointed head of the yeshiva in Jerusalem maintained by the philanthropist Moses ibn Ya'ish, of Constantinople. In the following year, on the death of Moses Galante, Ḥabib was appointed to succeed him as chief rabbi of Jerusalem (1689). His grandson, R. Jacob Culi, who published most of his grandfather's works, also had in his possession a number of other manuscripts which he used in his own work Me-'Am Lo'ez (Constantinople, 1733). A manuscript of his sermons is in the National Library in Jerusalem. The ascription to him of the Ez ha-Da'at (printed in Or Ẓaddikim, Salonika, 1799) has been questioned by S. Ḥazzan. R. Ibn Habib also wrote the following works: Get Pashut (Ortakoi, 1719), on the laws of divorce and haliẓa; and Ezrat Nashim (ibid., 1731), on the laws of agunah. R. H.J.D. Azulai states that most of Ḥabib's responsa were lost at sea; however some have survived, and have been published, part in Kol Gadol (Jerusalem, 1907), and part in the works of contemporary scholars (Devar Sha'ul, 1927). He also wrote a commentary on the Jerusalem Talmud entitled Penei Moshe of which tractates Berakhot, Pe'ah, and Demai are extant in manuscript (Sassoon Ms. 592).


Hebrew Description:

יום תרועה ותוספת יום הכפורים וכפות תמרים ... נדפס שנית ... ע"י ... בנימן וואלף ב"ה אלחנן ז"ל מפירדא ... מענדלי ב"ה לאזי ז"ל ממוציך ... זעליג ב"ה יוחנן ז"ל מריינץ ...

הסכמות: ר' יוסף משטיינהארט, פירדא, כז טבת תקכ"ה; ר' נתנאל אשכנזי ווייל מפראג, קארלסרוא, כד טבת תקכ"ה.



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