Binyan Shlomo; R. Shlomo b. Israel Moses HaKohen, Vilna 1888 (50082)

בנין שלמה - First Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50082
Title (English): Binyan Shlomo
Title (Hebrew): בנין שלמה
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Shlomo b. Israel Moses HaKohen
City: Vilna
Publisher: דפוס האלמנה והאחים ראם
Publication Date: 1888
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition. [4], 24, 136, 32 pp., folio, 320:200 mm., light age staining, margins trimmed. A very good copy not bound.


Detail Description

Responsa by R. Shlomo b. Israel Moses HaKohen (1828–1905) Av Beis Din (supreme justice of a rabbinical court) and Posek (decider of Jewish Law) of Vilna. As a young child, R. Shlomo was known for his diligence and devotion to Torah study. When R. Shlomo was thirteen years old, he became deathly sick and his doctors told him that he must stop studying Torah because the intensity of his studies was adversely affecting his weak heart. Nonetheless, Shlomo refused to relent, and continued to study Torah, as he reasoned that Torah is his life. HaKohen's glosses on the Talmud were published in the Vilna Edition Shas under the name "Cheshek Shlomo" (חשק שלמה). His halachik responsa were published under the title "Binyan Shlomo" (שו"ת בנין שלמה).

R. Shlomo was a childhood friend of R. Alexander Moshe Lapidus, also a native of Vilna. He also corresponded with R. Chaim Hezekiah Medini, who frequently praised and quoted from R. Shlomo in his magnum opus, Sdei Chemed. His responsa have gained a position of prominence in halachic literature, and are frequently quoted. R. Shlomo HaKohen was the editor of the Vilna Edition Shas, where he pored through various manuscripts to verify and establish an accurate version of the Talmud without the mistakes so prevalent in previous editions of the Talmud. As a critical scholar, R. Shlomo HaKohen researched the text of Ketuvim based on various writings of the Vilna Gaon.


Hebrew Description:

 כולל שאלות ותשובות וחדושים ובאורים על שו"ע אורח חיים, מאתי... שלמה בהרב... מו"ה ישראל משה הכהן זללה"ה מו"צ... פ"ק ווילנא... חלק א.

שני שערים.

מ’ 4-7: איזה חדושים ופירושים... בחומש ופרש"י מה ששמעתי ממר אבא...

מ’ 7-22: קצת מהחידושים על החומש ופרש"י מה שחנן ה’ אותי.



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