Bo Tov le-Yisrael, R. Judah b. Jacob ibn Attar, Jerusalem 1869 (50091)

בו טוב לישראל - First Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50091
Title (English): Bo Tov le-Yisrael
Title (Hebrew): בו טוב לישראל
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Judah b. Jacob ibn Attar
City: Jerusalem
Publisher: Israel b. Abraham Bak
Publication Date: 1869
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition. [3], 24, 2, 52 [i.e. 50], 23 ff., 328:207 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, later cloth spine.

Detail Description

While the title attributes the work to R. S. ibn Simeon it is in fact by R. Judah ibn Attar. Laws of kosher slaughter with commentary by R. Judah b. Jacob ibn Attar, (known as "Rabbi al-Kabbir" (the great teacher); 1655–1733). He was born in Fez and at a young age he was appointed head of the Moroccan dayyanim, after refusing to accept any remuneration for this function. He earned his living in trade and devoted his life to the well being of his coreligionists. In collaboration with his disciple, R. Jacob Abensur, he published the takkanot of the first Spanish exiles in Fez and drew up new regulations that continued to serve as the basis of Judeo-Moroccan jurisprudence. His published works include Minhat Yehudah on the Pentateuch; customs and practices of Fez regarding terefot published in Mekor Hayyim (1897). Many responsa were published in Mishpat u-Zedakah le-Ya'akov (pt. 1–1894, pt. 2–1903) and others appear in works of various Moroccan rabbis. Many of his writings still exist in manuscript including a commentary on Midrash Rabbah. The Chidah devotes a lenghty description to him, where he describes him as a holy man whose name invokes miracles even after his demise.

Israel b. Abraham Bak (1797–1874) was born in Berdichev, Ukraine, into a family of printers. Later he owned a Jewish press in Berdichev, printing about 30 books between 1815 and 1821 when the press closed down. In 1831, after various unsuccessful efforts to reopen the works, he emigrated to Palestine and settled in Safed. There he renewed the tradition of printing Hebrew works, which had come to an end in the last third of the 17th century. During the peasant revolt against Muhammad Ali in 1834 his printing press was destroyed and he was wounded. Later he reopened his press, and also began to work the land on Mount Yarmak (Meron), overlooking Safed. His was the first Jewish farm in Erez Israel in modern times. After the Safed earthquake in 1837 and the Druze revolt in 1838, during which his farm and printing press were destroyed, he moved to Jerusalem. In 1841 he established the first - and for 22 years, the only - Jewish printing press in Jerusalem. One hundred and thirty books were printed on it, making it an important cultural factor in Jerusalem. Bak also published and edited the second Hebrew newspaper in Erez Israel, Havazzelet (1863). After a short time its publication stopped and was renewed only in 1870 by his son-in-law I. D. Frumkin and others. Israel Bak was a leader of the hasidic community; as a result of his efforts and those of his son Nisan, a central synagogue for the Hasidim, called Tiferet Israel (after R. Israel of Ruzhin), came into being. In Jerusalem it was also known as "Nisan Bak's synagogue." It was destroyed in 1948 during the War of Independence.


Hebrew Description 

והוא ביאור וקצת חידושי דינים על חרוזי השחיטות והטרפיות שחיב' מהר"ש ן' סמאון זלה"ה ...[ועליו] קצירת האומר ... מפי סופרים ומפי ספרים.. פי המדבר ... אליהו (ב"ר יצחק) חייון ... בשנת ור'ב' ט'ו'ב' לבית' י'שראל

דף [1,ב-3]: הקדמת המוציא לאור, ר' נסים עזרא חייון, דודו של המפרש, עם הספד שדרש על המחבר בירושלים. דף א-כב (בספירה הראשונה): הלכות שחיטה (פרק א), בחרוזים. פותחים: בשיר אפתח ללא אשכח הלכות (אוצר השירה והפיוט, ב, עמ' 82 מס' 1022).

ב דף: ליקוטים. הליקוטים נפסקים באמצע ענין ומסתיימים בדף שמסומן בטעות "נב".

דף א-מט (בספירה השניה): הלכות טרפות בחרוזים (שלושה פרקים). להלכות שחיטה ולהלכות טרפות ביאור ארוך מאת ר' אליהו חייון. כג דף: שאלות ותשובות מאת ר' אליהו חייון.

"חרוזי השחיטות והטרפיות" מיוחסים כאן לר"ש ן' סמאון, אך המחבר הוא ר' יהודה אבן-עטר, וחיבור זה נדפס בשלימותו (ג פרקים הלכות שחיטה וג' פרקים הלכות טרפות) בשם שיר מכתם, ווארשא תר"ם. חלקו של מהר"ש ן' סמאון בספר לא ברור. אפשר שהחרוזים יוחסו לו כאן בטעות.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000106448; Marechet Ha'Gedolim, Yud, 55a; EJ