Hemdat Zevi, R. Zevi Hirsch Horowitz, Lvov 1876 (50258)

חמדת צבי - First Edition - Hasidic - Women

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50258
Title (English): Hemdat Zevi
Title (Hebrew): חמדת צבי
Note: First Edition - Hasidic - Women
Author: R. Zevi Hirsch Horowitz
City: Lvov
Publisher: Ehrenpreis
Publication Date: 1876
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition, quarto, [1], 101 ff. 245:170 mm., nice margins, age staining. A good copy bound in modern boards.


Detail Description

Only edition of this hasidic commentary on the weekly Torah readings by R. Zevi Hirsch Horowitz ben Jacob Joshua and grandson of the gaon Haflaah (R. Pinhas Horowitz) and of R. Zalman Margolies (Ateres Zevi on Sanhedrin and other works). Prior to his death R. Horowitz requested that Hemdat Zevi be printed; it was brought to press by his wife Devorah Feige Horowitz. There is a brief preface from R. Horowitz in which he informs that he has entitled Hemdat Zevi because it refers to his name and should be a remembrance for him. This is followed by an introduction and then the text. Hemdat Zevi is an attractive Hasidic commentary on the Torah. Three years after its publication, in 1879, also in Lvov, a forged edition of Hemdat Zevi with a modified title-page was published, with the author’s name given as R. Mordecai Nathan ben Zevi ha-Kohen Schwartz.


Hebrew Description

חיבור ... על התורה ... המחבר ... מוה' צבי הירש זלה"ה איש הורוויץ ... בן ... מוה' יעקב יהושע זצלה"ה הרב מזאלאזיץ נכד הגאון [ר' פינחס הורוויץ בעל] הפלאה והגאון מר"ז [מורינו ר' זלמן] מרגליות ... (נצטויתי מבעלי ... מו"ה צבי הירש הורוויץ ז"ל קודם פטירתו ... להביא מחברת זאת תחת מכבש הדפוס ... דבורה פייגא הורוויץ).



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