Ohrhot Hayyim, R. Gershon Hanokh Leiner, Warsaw 1891 (50265)

ארחות חיים - Only Edition - Hasidic

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50265
Title (English): Ohrhot Hayyim
Title (Hebrew): ארחות חיים
Note: Only Edition - Hasidic
Author: R. Gershon Hanokh Leiner
City: Warsaw
Publisher: דפוס מאיר יחיאל האלטער
Publication Date: 1891
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

144 pp., octavo, 187:127 mm., usual age and some damp staining, wide margins. A good copy bound in modern boards.


Detail Description

R. Gershon Hanokh b. Jacob Leiner (1839–1891), talmudic scholar and hasidic rabbi. R. Leiner, popularly known as the "Radzyner Rebbe," was a prolific writer in several areas, his works including novellae on the Babylonian Talmud, Binyan Yerushalayim, on the Jerusalem Talmud, and commentaries on the Pentateuch, Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed and the Zohar. By gathering together scattered references from the vast talmudic literature, he compiled Sidrei Tohorot, a gemara to the order Tohorot (for most of which no original gemara exists), even adding commentaries on the pattern of Rashi and Tosafot. He completed this enormous achievement before his 30th year. The work followed the pattern of the standard tractates of the Talmud so closely that it aroused some opposition, on the grounds that future generations might regard the work as actually belonging to the talmudic period. Much of his later work on Sidre Tohorot has remained in manuscript. Another of his innovations also encountered considerable opposition. He claimed that the cattlefish was the biblical hillazon, from which the blue dye of tekhelet referred to in Num. 15:38 was obtained, and he revived the practice, which had fallen into disuse for centuries, of having a double thread of the zizit of that blue dye. The innovation was adopted mainly by his hasidim.


Hebrew Description

והוא צוואות התנא רבי אליעזר הגדול, הוא רבי אליעזר בן הורקנוס אשר צוה לבנו התנא רבי הורקנוס...עם פירוש לבאר דבריו...ונלוה אליו ספר עשר מלין דחסידותא דהוי נהוג בהון רב, והובא בתשו’ הגאונים הנקראים שערי תשובה [שאלוניקי תקס"ב; לייפציג תרי"ח, סי’ קעח] בלי פירוש ומקור הדברים, ובעזהש"י בזה נתפרש ונתבאר מקור מוצא הדברים...והכינותי...גרשון חנוך העניך [ליינער] בהרב...יעקב זללה"ה מאיזביצא...



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