Haggadah Mutzalay Eish, R. Abraham Aaron Friedman, New York 1974 (50461)

הגדה מוצל אש - Only Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50461
Title (English): Haggadah Mutzalay Eish
Title (Hebrew): הגדה מוצל אש
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Abraham Aaron Friedman (Fridman)
City: New York
Publisher: Al Tidom Association
Publication Date: 1974
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description:

Only edition. [9], 4-146, [4] ff. folio 280:208 mm., light age staining. A very good copy bound in the original cloth boards. Limited edition numbered copy (#526).


Detailed Description:   

Numbered copy of a scarce and unusual script Haggadah printed from a manuscript by R. Abraham Aaron Friedman (Fridman) printed by R. Tsevi Bronshtain (Harry Bronstein) for the Al Tidom Association. The first of two Hebrew title pages describes it as Hagadah shel Pesaḥ im Shene Perushim Kolelim Bet Avraham, Bet Aharon. The second Hebrew title page that the text is accompanied by four commentaries, Devar Aharon, Pe’er Aharon, Binat Aharon, and Hikhmat Aharon, all accompanied by Beit Aharon, which includes Agudat Azov, Birkhoit be-Heshbon, Ruah Hadashah, ha-Da’at ve-ha-Dibbur, and Marbeh le-Sapir. Next is a brief note stating that there are approbations from many Russian rabbis, such as R. Ezekiel Abromski, R. Solomon Joseph Zevin, and R. Issur Judah Unerman which will be printed shortly. Below are approbations from R. Moses Feinstein and R. Solomon Zalman Auebach. There is an introduction from R. Bronstein and then Ohel Hannah from R. Jonah Landau followed by several dedications. The Haggadah follows, beginning with the normal front matter, such as the removal of hametz and, erev Tashilin, with commentaries. The commentaries, detailed and comprehensive, is printed in a script font. At the end of the Haggadah is an English title page, commendations and dedications, and an English introduction from R. Bronstein. He writes that “the Hagadah is one of the Udim Mutalim Me’esh, the literary treasures plucked from the spiritual wasteland of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, ravaged by the consuming fire of atheistic Communism. It is the first offering of the Mifal Mutzalay Eish, a foundation under the sponsorship of the Al Tidom Association, dedicated to rescuing and disseminating Kisvei Yad, Jewish scholarly manuscripts of authors behind the Iron Curtain.” R. Brosntein continues, describing his personal activities in this field, his sufferings at the hands of the Soviet K.G.B. and the work of Al Tidom.


Hebrew Description:

הגדה של פסח : עם שני פירושים כוללים : ספר בית אהרן על הגדה של פסח והיה לארבעה ראשים: א> דבר אהרן ע"ד הפשט. -- ב> פאר אהרן ע"ד הרמז. -- ג> בינת אהרן ע"ד הדרוש. -- ד> חכמת אהרן, ועוד נלוה לזה ספר בית אברהם, נכלל בתוכו אגודת אזוב על דרך אגדה, ברכ ות בחשבון על דרך חשבון, רוח חדשה - חידושים, הדעה והדבור - שיטות ונוסחאות, מרבה לספר - ליקוט ממדרשים וספרים / [הק' אברהם אהרן בלא"א יונה ... המכונה פריעדמאן].

קודם שער מקוצר.

על הכריכה: הגדה של פסח מוצל מאש

דפוס צילום של כתב-יד, פרט להוספות החדשות.

עם הקדמה מאת המוציא לאור הרב צבי ברונשטיין.

בתחילת הספר: אהל חנה : תולדות המחבר מאת יונה לאנדא.