Form of Prayer, R. David Aaron De Sola, London 1852 (50506)

סדר התפלות - Binding

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Lot Number: 50506
Title (English): Form of Prayer
Title (Hebrew): סדר התפלות
Author: R. David Aaron De Sola, tran
City: London
Publisher: J. Wertheimer
Publication Date: 1852-57
Estimated Price: $500.00 USD - $1,000.00 USD
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Physical Description

Six volumes., quarto, 211:133 mm., light age staining, nice margins in gild. A very good set bound in contemporary leather over boards, tooled in blind and gild.


Detail Description

Forms of Prayer According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews translated to English by R. David Aaron De Sola (1796–1860). He was born in Amsterdam, he was appointed ḥazzan of the London Sephardi community in 1818. He was an able assistant to Haham Raphael Meldola , whose daughter he married in 1819. After Meldola's death in 1828 De Sola virtually assumed the rabbinical leadership of the English Sephardim and in 1831 delivered the first English sermons authorized by the Ma'amad , which later published several of his addresses. His Seder Berakhot (1829), a manual on the blessings, received the support of Moses Montefiore , who also encouraged De Sola's work on a new prayer book. Published as Forms of Prayer According to the Custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews (5 vols., 1836–38; 1852), and with a new English translation, this is generally regarded as his finest work and is still used by the English Sephardim. In collaboration with Morris J. Raphall , De Sola then prepared Eighteen Treatises of the Mishnah with the aim of arming his fellow-opponents of the budding Reform movement (1842; 1845 a pirated edition was repudiated by the coauthors). De Sola's other works include an English-Hebrew edition of Genesis, published in collaboration with Raphall and I.L. Lindenthal (1844) and intended to form part of a complete Bible ("The Sacred Scriptures") which, however, never appeared; and a new edition, with English translation, of Wolf Heidenheim 's Ashkenazi maḥzor, The Festival Prayers, according to the custom of the German and Polish Jews (5 vols., 1860). This maḥzor was often reprinted.

R. David Aaron de Sola also entered into an ill-fated partnership with M.J. Raphall as coeditor of an Orthodox periodical, The Voice of Jacob (1841), later taken over by The Jewish Chronicle which it slightly preceded. One of his best-known works, The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews (1857), written in collaboration with the composer Emanuel Aguilar, was a pioneering attempt to establish the dates of the Sephardi liturgical compositions. De Sola himself composed tunes for the Sephardi synagogue, and an appendix to The Ancient Melodies contains his well-known setting of the Adon Olam hymn, which has become popular in Ashkenazi as well as Sephardi congregations of Great Britain. He was influential in organizing the Association for the Promotion of Jewish Literature and other similar bodies.

Added t.p.: Forms of prayer : according to the custom of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews / with an English translation by D. A. de Sola;
2nd ed., with additions and corrections.
  • To which are added, tables forming a complete Hebrew almanac, from A.M. 5613-1852, till the year 5662-1902."
  • Prayers in English and Hebrew
  • preface in English only

Hebrew Description

סדר התפלות : כמנהג ... ספרדים ... / עם כמה הגהות ותוספות על ידי דוד בכ"ר אהרן די סולה ...


  • תפלות לימות החול ... ונוספו בו לוחות לחמשים שנים משנת תקצ"ו עד שנת תרס"ד ... / ת'פ'ל'ה' ל'דו'ד' ה'ט'ה' ה' א'ז'נך' ענני' [תרי"ב] 1852. XIV, קסז, 186 ע'.
  • v. 1. Daily prayers. 1852.
  • III. סדר ליום כפור. כ'י' ב'י'ו'ם' ה'ז'ה' י'כ'פ'ר' ע'ל'י'כ'ם' ל'טהר א'תכם [תרט"ז] 1856. [2], קלד, 134 ע' -- [קלו]-רלג, [136]-233, [2] ע'.
  • v. 3. Day of Atonement service. 1856.
  • v. 3, pt. 2. Day of Atonement service... containing the additional, afternoon, and concluding services. 1856.
  • IV. סדר לחג הסכות. א'לה' מ'ו'ע'ד'י' י'י' מ'ק'ר'א'י' ק'ו'ד'ש [תרי"ז] 1857. [2], קנו, 156, [1] ע'.
  • v. 4. Service for the Feast of Tabernacles. 1857.
  • V. סדר לפסח ולשבועות. א'לה' מ'ו'ע'ד'י' י'י' מ'ק'ר'א'י' ק'ו'ד'ש [תרי"ז] 1857. [3], קסו, 166, [1] ע'.
  • v. 5. Service for Passover and Feast of Weeks. 1857


Reference Description

A. de Sola, Biography of David Aaron de Sola… (1864); JC (Nov. 2, 1860), 4; JE; EJ