Penei Aryeh, R. Aryeh Loeb Breslau, Amsterdam 1790 (50513)

פני אריה - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 50513
Title (English): Penei Aryeh
Title (Hebrew): פני אריה
Note: Only Edition - Women
Author: R. Aryeh Loeb ben Hayyim Breslau
City: Amsterdam
Publisher: Widow Proops
Publication Date: 1790
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description:

Only edition. [3], 106 ff. folio 302:188 mm. wide margins, light age and damp staining. A good copy bound in later cloth over boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Only edition of this multifaceted work comprised of responsa, halakhic rulings, and expositions by R. Aryeh Loebeib ben Hayyim Breslau. The title page describes Penei Aryeh as part one of the responsa, pesakim, and explanations of the young, Aryeh Loeb ben Hayyim Breslau. There is an introduction from the author on the verso of the title page followed by approbations from R. David ha-Kohen Usvedo, R. David Tebele of Brod, R. Meshullam Zalman ha-Kohen, and R. Noah Hayyim Zevi Ben Abraham Meir Berlin. Next are errata and then the text, completed with Ma'amar Yesod ha-Shetarot in 12 chapters and an index.

R. Aryeh Loeb ben Hayyim Breslau (1741–1809) was a rabbi and author. R. Aryeh Loeb was born in Breslau but lived from his childhood in Lissa. He served first as rabbi in the bet ha-midrash of Daniel Jaffe in Berlin (see responsa Penei Aryeh, no. 1), then as rabbi in Emden, and in 1781 succeeded Abraham Lipschutz as rabbi of Rotterdam, where he remained for the rest of his life (ibid., no. 40). He gained a reputation as a profound talmudist, and several of the outstanding scholars of the time, among them R. Phinehas ha-Levi Horowitz and R. Meir Weyl , addressed halakhic problems to him. He was the author of Penei Aryeh (Amsterdam, 1790), responsa, halakhic rulings, and expositions. His responsa, distinguished by their simple and clear style and written in a pure Hebrew, reflect his tendency toward a certain degree of independence in halakhic decision. They also contain explanations of various biblical and midrashic passages (no. 60). In connection with a responsum on levirate marriage, he discusses the problem of immortality, stressing that the essence of levirate marriage is connected with the doctrine of metempsychosis and the improvement of the soul (tikkun ha-nefesh), and its ultimate perfection (no. 79). Breslau also had a general education, and was in touch with Christian scholars in Holland. The prayers that he composed in Hebrew in connection with the Franco-Dutch war of 1793 were published both in Hebrew (Tefillot u-Vakkashot, Amsterdam, 1793), and in a Dutch translation with an introduction by the Christian Jan Scharp (Rotterdam, 1793). One of his poems, "Mizmor le-Shabbat," shows considerable talent. His sons adopted the family name Lowenstamm ("descendant of the lion") in reference to their father's name Aryeh ("lion") Loeb. Two of them, Abraham and Ḥayyim Lowenstamm, followed him in the rabbinate, as did Menahem Mendel, the son of the latter who was rabbi of Rotterdam.


Hebrew Description:   

חלק ראשון משאלות ותשובות ופסקים ובאורים שחברתי אני הצעיר ארי' ליב בלא"א ... כמהר"ר חיים זלה"ה מברעסלא ... מלפנים הוקם על לאב"ד ... ק"ק עמדין ... וכעת ... אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק ראטרדם ...שנת אשרי ש'מ'ר'י' משפט

דף עה-צו, סי' פ-צא: מאמר יסוד השטרות ... אמר אריה בן חיים ... יבאר עיקר ושרש הכשר השטרות ... יסוד דיני השטרות ועקרם וחלקתיו לעשרה פרקים.

הסכמות: ר' דוד הכהן די אזיוידו, אמשטרדם, ג בא תק"ן;
ר' דוד טעביל מבראד, ליסא, ח סיון תקמ"ט;
ר' משלם זלמן כהן, פיורדא, ז כסליו תק"ן;
ר' נח חיים צבי ב"ר אברהם מאיר ברלין, מגנצא, כה כסליו תק"ן.



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