Panorama of The Tabernacle and Its Services, London [1873] (50545)

First Edition

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Lot Number: 50545
Title (English): Panorama of The Tabernacle and Its Services
Note: First Edition
City: London
Publisher: S W Partridge and Co
Publication Date: [1873]
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

First Edition. Blue cloth boards blind stamped in black and gilt show a vignette of The Ark of The Covenant.


Detail Description

Stunningly illustrated with 12 chromolithographs in vibrant colors by W. Dickes, printed on accordeon-fold. Description of plates by Frank White on 3 pages at rear of book. Embellished with gilt that show the High Priest of Israel in Robes of Atonement and of 'Glory & Beauty', The Tabernacle in the Wilderness, The Altar of Burnt Offering, The Laver, The Scape Goat, The Table of Shewbread, The Altar of Incense, The Golden Candlestick, The Ark of The Covenant, The Golden Framework of The Tabernacle and the Coverings and The Holy Place.