Larger than life, R. Shaul Shimon Deutsch, Brooklyn 1995-97 (50563)

Rare - Many copies destroyed

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Lot Number: 50563
Title (English): Larger than life: The life and Times of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn
Note: Rare - Many copies destroyed
Author: R. Shaul Shimon Deutsch
City: Brooklyn
Publisher: Chasidic Historical Productions
Publication Date: 1995-97
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Physical Description

Volume 1 paperback, clean unread copy; volume 2 ardcove, damp stained.

Rare - Many copies destroyed


Detail Description

A two-volume biography of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Admor of Chabad, the Rebbe. The work proved quite controversial in Lubavitch circles and many copies were destroyed.

R. Shaul Shimon Deutsch (b.1966) is a rabbi and author from Brooklyn, New York. Following the passing of the seventh Rebbe of Chabad, in 1994, Deutsch attempted to form a breakaway movement naming himself the Liozna Rebbe. The attempt did not gain popular support. More successful is his Living Torah Museum in Boro Park, Brooklyn. The Living Torah Museum containing 979 archaeological objects in a building adjacent to his home and synagogue in Boro Park. The Museum was featured in the journal Biblical Archaeology Review and archaeologist Hershel Shanks, has declared that this was "the first museum that he knew of in the United States devoted to biblical archeology" adding that Deutch "has done what no one else in the United States (perhaps in the world outside of Israel) has done.


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