Be'urim, R. Nathan Nata ben Samson Spira (Shapira), Venice 1593 (50726)

ביאורים - The copy of R. Yitzhak Yosef b. Tzvi Hirsch Hazon

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Lot Number: 50726
Title (English): Be'urim
Title (Hebrew): ביאורים
Note: The copy of R. Yitzhak Yosef b. Tzvi Hirsch Hazon
Author: R. Nathan Nata ben Samson Spira (Shapira)
City: Venice
Publisher: Matteo Zanetti
Publication Date: 1593
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Physical Description

2-180 ff., quarto, 174:128 mm., lacking title, nice margins, old hand on many pp., running titles clipped on many ff., not bound.

The copy of R. Yitzhak Yosef b. Tzvi Hirsch Hazon (1842-1928), rabbi of Lubitch, author of Siah Yitzhok (Poltava 1913) with his notes on many pp.


Detail Description

Supercommentary on Rashi attributed to R. Nathan Nata ben Samson Spira (Shapira, d. 1577), rabbi in Grodno (Horodno). The title page, which has an architectural frame, states:

on the Ashel ha-Gadol Rashi. That which was written by ha-Rav, the renowned, the gaon, Nathan from p"p Grodno. On Hamishah Homshei Torah, on which the light of his Torah shines in all the lands of Ashkenaz with some annotations and words "sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb" (Psalms 19: 11) according to the true literal meaning, beautiful and clear. And it will be accessible to all those interested in subtleties and theorizing.

We have added to it an explanation of the unfamiliar and difficult words in the Targum on the five Megillot until the end with, incidentally, an explanation of the words in Daniel and Ezra by R. Michal of Arpatshuk.

In the year, "For you shall go out with joy בשמחה (353= 1593), and be led forth with peace" (Isaial1 55: 12).


This edition of Spira's commentary is controversial, as its attribution to him has been challenged. In the introduction to Imrei Shefer (Cracow-Lublin, 1591-97), Spira's commentary on Rashi, his son Isaac writes that the Be'urim is a forgery, not to be ascribed to his father, but rather was written by an unknown young man who then attributed it to Spira. Isaac Spira's opinion is confirmed by R. Issachar Baer Eylenburg
(1550-1623), who writes in his responsa, Be'er Sheua (Venice, 1614), that it is obvious that the Be'urim were not the work of Spira, but rather of an erring student. It has also been suggested that this is actually the Be'unm of R. Israel Isserlein (Terumat ha-Deshen, 1390-1460),
but even a cursory comparison makes clear that the two Be'urim are not alike.

The work was completed, according to the colophon, on Thursday, Rosh Hodesh Adar II, 343 (should say 353 = March 5, 1593). The text is in a single column in rabbinic letters, excepting headings, which are in square letters. Initial words of books are set in an ornamental frame. The text is accompanied by three diagrams, the Menorah, the positions of the spies carrying the grapes, and the map of Erez Israel.


Hebrew Description

על... רש"י ז"ל... שחבר... ר’ נתן מק"ק הראדנה גדולה נ"ע, על חמשה חומשי תורה, אשר אור תורתו היה זורח בכל ארצות אשכנז, עם קצת הגהות... ע"ד פשט... ונתוסף עמו פי’ המלות הזרו’ והקשות... מהתרגום חמש מגילות... עם פי’ המלות על ספר דניאל ועזרא... שחבר מוהר"ר [יחיאל] מיכל מארפטשיק ז"ל בעל תורה...

בשער: נדפס בשם ברנרדו יושטיניין על ידי השותפים מטיאו דזניטי וקומין פריזיניי,

קולופון: "תם ונשלם ב"ה ר"ח [ביום ה ראש-חודש] אדר שני שנת שמ"ג [צ"ל: שנ"ג]". שנת שמ"ג לא היתה שנה מעוברת, ובשנת שנ"ג אכן חל ראש-חודש אדר-ב ביום ה.

"פירוש המילות" לא נדפס.

על הוצאה זו המיוחסת בשער למחבר, עיין בדברי בן המחבר בראש ספרו של המחבר: אמרי שפר, שם הוא מודיע שהחיבור מזויף.

"קצת הגהות" הנז’ בשער נדפסו בפנים בלא ציון מחברן, וכנראה, שאף הגהות אלו יוחסו למחבר.



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