Kav ve-Naki ve-la-Shed ha-Shemen, R. Zevi ben Isaac Lipnick, Ofen 1826 (50746)

קב ונקי ולשד השמן - Only Edition

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50746
Title (English): Kav ve-Naki ve-la-Shed ha-Shemen
Title (Hebrew): קב ונקי ולשד השמן
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Zevi ben Isaac Lipnick
City: Ofen
Publisher: Koenigal
Publication Date: 1826
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. 32 ff. quarto 238:197 mm., light age and damp staining, nice margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

Only edition of these novellae on tractates by R. Zevi ben Isaac Lipnick. On the title-page R. Lipnick says that this is his remembrance, the name that it will be called, קב ונקי, קב 102 gematriot of his name Zevi צבי (102), clean (naki) of all guile or iniquity, posturing Heaven forfend, only that my name should be remembered for my sons and those who come afterwards for good, “for there is no good except for Torah” (BT Berkhot 5a, Avodah Zara 19b), these are my words that God has graced me with in halakhah, aggadah, and ethics. There are approbations from R. Joseph ben Shimon and R. Mordecai Benet. There is an introduction from the author and then the text, which encompasses tractates Berakhot, most of Mo’ed, Nashim, and Shulhan Arukh Yoreh De’ah. The secon part of the volume, Shed ha-Shemen, are discourses, many on the weekly Torah readings.


Hebrew Description

... וזהו חלקי... בשמעתא ואגדתא ומוסר... צבי (הרש) בן יצחק (איצק לייפניק זצללה"ה מנ"ש [מניקלשבורג])...

דף ד-יט: קב ונקי; חידושים בסוגיות הש"ס.
דף [כ]-לב, עם שער-קצר: חלק שני ונקרא לשד השמן... ששה דרושים.

הסכמות: ר' מרדכי בנעט, נ"ש, ה כסלו תקפ"ג;

ר' יוסף ב"ר שמעון [ראזענפעלד], גו"ד [גראסווארדיין], ט טבת תרפ"ג.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000144383; BE kaf 22