Teshu’ot Hen, R. Gedaliah Rabbinowitz of Lunietz, [Laszczow] 1816 (50776)

תשואות חן - Second Edition - Hasidic

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50776
Title (English): Teshu’ot Hen
Title (Hebrew): תשואות חן
Note: Second Edition - Hasidic
Author: R. Gedaliah ben Issac Rabbinowitz of Lunietz (Ilintsky)
City: [Laszczow]
Publisher: Samuel ben Issachar Segal
Publication Date: 1816
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

[4], 24, 27-38 ff., quarto, 230:185 mm., wide margins, light age and use staining. A very good copy bound in recent half cloth and paper over boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

Second edition of hasidic discourses by R. Gedaliah ben Issac Rabbinowitz of Lunietz (Ilintsky). The author was a contemporary of the Ba’al Shem Tov and a disciple of R. Dov Baer, the maggid of Mezhirech (d. 1772) and R. Jacob Joseph of Polonnoye (Toledot Ya’akov Yosef, d. c. 1782). The title page begins with several lines of praise for the book, including that it is sweeter for the palate than old wine. These discourses were given by R. Gedalia in the various locations in which he served as rabbi. There are approbations on the verso of the title page from R. Levi Isaac ben Meir of Berdichev (1740-1810), R. Israel ben Levi Isaac, and R. Samuel Judah ben Gedaliah Rabbinowitz, the author’s son. Next is the introduction, which was heard from R. Gedaliah. The homilies in Teshu’ot Hen are are organized by the weekly parsha. A number of the discourses emphasize the importance and holiness of Erez Israel, expressing a profound sense of the bitterness of exile and anticipation of redemption. The Initial word of the text is enclosed in decorative frame. The text is in two columns in rabbinic type excepting headers and initial words which are in square letters. Teshu’ot Hen is printed on blue paper.

R. Gedaliah ben Issac Rabbinowitz of Lunietz (Ilintsky), (1738-d. c. 1785), hasidic preacher and zaddik in Ukraine, son of a dayyan in Polonnoye, known for his eloquence. An ardent preacher who stirred his listeners, R. Gedaliah was one of the sources of hasidic legend. His mentors in Hasidism, in addition to R. Dov Baer of Mezhirech and R. Jacob Joseph of Polonnoye include R. Aryeh Leib of Polonnoye. R. Gedaliah served as rabbi in Ostropol, Miropol, and Ilintsy.

Teshu’ot Hen is an important hasidic work by a pioneer of hasidut. 


Hebrew Description

.. חידושים [על התורה]... אשר איזן וחיקר...מוהרר גדליהו במוהרר יצחק זצוק"ל אשר אור תורתו הופיע בק"ק מרופאליא בק"ק אוסטריפאליא ולסוף ימיו תקע אהלו... בק"ק ליניץ...וזאת ליהודה (ליב בהמנוח מוה' דוב בער זללה"ה מליניץ)...הכותב מפי המחבר... התאמץ להביא הספר הלז לבית הדפוס... <p>בשער: לפרט ת'שואות ח'ן' ח'ן' לה' [תקכ"א!].  עם ההסכמות שבאו בהוצאה הראשונה.  ראינו שני טפסים: על נייר לבן ועל נייר כחול.



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