Te’omi Zeviah, R. Zevi Hirsch ha-Kohen Bloch, Koenigsberg 1861 (50799)

תאמי צביה

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Listing Details

Lot Number: 50799
Title (English): Te’omi Zeviah
Title (Hebrew): תאמי צביה
Note: Only Ed.
Author: R. Zevi Hirsch ben Shimon ha-Kohen Bloch
City: Koenigsberg
Publisher: Rudolf Eckhardt
Publication Date: 1861
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. 10 pp., 72 ff., quarto, 23.7:180 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in later boards, rubbed and split.


Detail Description

Ten discourses by R. Zevi Hirsch ben Shimon ha-Kohen Bloch. The discourses are intended, as described on the title page, to explain biblical passages, sayings of the sages that are difficult, and to be insightful on deep and complex subjects, and to join the tent of the Torah and wisdom to be one. It was brought to press by the author’s son, Abraham Abba, and grandson, Hayyim Judah Leib. The title page from “Your two breasts are like two fawns, twins of a gazelle (Te’omi Zeviah)” (Song of Songs 7:4). The title page is dated, “for you have I seen righteous ראיתי (621 = 1861) before me” (Genesis 7:1). There are introductions from the author and his grandson, followed by approbations from R. Jacob Zevi ben Gamliel Mecklenburg, R. Judah Bachrach, R. Moses Isaac Avigdor, and R. Mordecai ben Asher Kalazka. Next are the names of the sponsors, over four pages in three columns to a page, who made publication possible, arranged alphabetically by city. The text is preceded by a proposal הצעה from R. Bloch, based on a statement of R. Moses Luzzatto, in which he defines his purpose. This is followed by a lengthy introduction, and the text, set in two columns in rabbinic type.


Hebrew Description

כולל עשרה מאמרות ... דרושים ... לבאר מקראי קודש ומאמרי חז"ל הסתומים ... לחבר אוהל התורה והחכמה ... חברו הרב ... מו"ה צבי הירש במהור"ר שמעון הכהן בלאך זצ"ל ... הוצאנו את הספר ... אנחנו אברהם אבא בן ... המחבר ... חיים יהודה ליב בן ... אברהם אבא נ"י הנ"ל ... שנת כי אותך ר'א'י'ת'י' צדיק לפני

עמ' 3-4: הקדמות המוציאים לאור. עם הסכמות ר' יעקב צבי ב"ר גמליאל מעקלענבורג, קעניגסבערג, טו תמוז תרכ"א; ר' יהודא בכרך, סיניי, יט אייר תקפ"ז; ר' משה יצחק אביגדור, קאוונא, יח אייר תרי"ט; ר' מרדכי ב"ר אשר קלאצקא, קאלוואריעא, כב תמוז תרי"ט



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