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Me’on ha-Berakhot, R. Israel Jonah ha-Levi Landau, Dyhernfurth 1815

מעון הברכות - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 50999
  • Title (English) Me’on ha-Berakhot
  • Title (Hebrew) מעון הברכות
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Israel Jonah ben Joseph ha-Levi Landau
  • City Dyhernfurth
  • Publisher דפוס יוסף מייא
  • Publication Date 1815
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  • Estimated Price - High 600

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Physical Description

Only edition, folio, 131 ff. 350:215 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, old hands and stamps. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, split and detached.


Detail Description

Only edition of these novellae on tractate Berakhot by R. Israel Jonah ben Joseph ha-Levi Landau. The title-page describes the work as Keneset Yisrael, part one, but the other parts remained unpublished. There are three introductions, a preface to tractate Berakhot, and then the text, in two columns in rabbinic type. Me’on ha-Berakhot is an unusually detailed, comprehensive work on the tractate, making it invaluable work for students of Berakhot.

R. Israel Jonah ben Joseph ha-Levi Landau (d. 1824) was a rabbi and author. He belonged to a well-known rabbinical family. In his youth R. Landau was av bet din of Lubomil and from 1786 served in Kempen, Posen region. Among his published works, in addition to  Me'on ha-Berakhot (are Shirat Yisrael (1897), expositions of the Bible, aggadot in the Talmud, and Midrashim; Ein ha-Bedolaḥ (1901), novellae to tractates of the Talmud (Pesaḥim, Megillah, Yoma, Sukkah, and Rosh ha-Shanah); and Aleh de-Yonah (1934), expositions of aggadot in the Jerusalem Talmud of Zevaḥim and Mo'ed. He was also a well-known kabbalist, and a request to him from R. Akiva Eger for an amulet for the sick of Posen has been preserved. His son R. Joseph Samuel (1800–1836) was appointed to succeed his father as rabbi of Kempen on the recommendation of R. Akiva Eger. R. Joseph Samuel was the author of Mishkan Shiloh, of which only one part, Kur ha-Beḥinah (Breslau, 1837), was published, comprising 25 responsa and seven sermons – the last in honor of Emperor Frederick William III. In the introduction the author refers to many works of his still in manuscript. His Goren Atad (Warsaw, 1837), a memorial sermon on R Jehiel Michael Ettinger, has also been published. He corresponded on halakhah with the leading rabbis of his time, including R. Akiva Eger, R. Ephraim Zalman Margulies, and R. Solomon Zalman Posner.


Hebrew Description

(על... מסכת ברכות... מחידושי הלכות)... שחברתי... ישראל יונה בלא"א... ר’ יוסף סג"ל לנדא ז"ל. אוהלי בק"ק קעמפנא. ולפנים... בק"ק לובמלא...

בדף האחרון: "התנצלות הרב המחבר... ולאשר אין אתי אור עיני, פרקתי עול ממני הן בסדר הכתיבה... הכל עמסתי על בני... כה’ יוסף שמואל סגל לנדא", שהוסיף בעמ’ האחרון: "התנצלות מבן הרב המחבר" בצורת שיר.

בשער: התחלת הדפוס... ב’ל’ב’ י’ש’ר’א’ל’ לפ"ק [תקע"ה] ונגמר בשנת כן יזכני ללמוד ו’ל’ש’מ’ר’ [תקע"ו].



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