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Kad haKemah, R. David S. Eibenschutz, Przemysl 1898

כד הקמח - First Edition - Hasidic

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  • Title (English) Kad haKemah
  • Title (Hebrew) כד הקמח
  • Note First Edition - Hasidic
  • Author R. David S. Eibenschutz
  • City Przemysl
  • Publisher Zupnik, Knoller
  • Publication Date 1898
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Physical Description:

First edition. [4], 40 ff., quarto, 230:152 mm., heavy age staining, wide margins, bound in recent cloth over boards, rubbed


Detailed Description:   

Rersonsa by R. David Solomon Eibenschutz (c. 1755-1813), born in Jezierzany. He made aliyah to Zfat in 1809 where he passed on and is interred. He was a pupil of R. Moses Zevi Heller, author of "Geon Zevi," and occupied the position of rabbi in Buzhanow, Soroki (Volhynia), and Jassy, (Rumania). From the last-named city he went to Palestine and remained there till his death. He was the author of many kabalistic and Talmudical works, which still exist in manuscript. He also wrote "Levushe Serad," in two parts. The first part contains a commentary on the Shulhan Arukh, Orah Hayyim, with comments on R. David b. Samuel's "Ture Zahav" and R.Abraham Abele Gumbinner's "Magen Abraham"; at the end of this part is added the plan of the Temple as described by Ezekiel (Mohilev, 1818). The second part is on Shulhan Arukh, Yoreh De'ah (Mohilev 1812). His "Ne'ot Deshe" is a compilation of 138 responsa, in two parts, the first of which was published in Lemberg, 1861, while the second is in manuscript. "'Arbe Nahal" is also in two parts, the first being a treatise on the Pentateuch, the second consisting of sermons (Kopust, Sudilkov, 1835).


Hebrew Description:

והוא מי מנוחות; שו"ת מהגאון ... דוד שלמה זצ"ל ... אשר נמצא בכתיבת ידי קדשו אצל גאוני ... צפת ...יוצא עתה ראשונה ... ע"י ... עטיל אמקרויט מו"ס בפרעמישלא ...

דף [2, ב]: "הקדמה מהמוציא לאור את הכ"י", ר’ רפאל בן הרב ר’ מרדכי זצ"ל דומ"צ מצפת [זילברמאן]

בספר מפוזרות הערותיו של ר’ חיים יעקב הכהן [פיינשטיין], שהשתדל בהדפסת הספר בפרעמישלא. הוא הכין גם את ה"מפתחות" (דף [3, ב- 4, א]).



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