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Zevi ve-Hamid, R. Zevi ben Menahem Schor, Vilna 1882

צבי וחמיד - Only Edition

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  • Title (English) Zevi ve-Hamid
  • Title (Hebrew) צבי וחמיד
  • Note Only Edition
  • Author R. Zevi ben Menahem Schor
  • City Vilna
  • Publisher Judah Leib Metz
  • Publication Date 1882
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Physical Description:

Only edition, folio, 61 ff. 270:195 mm., light age staining. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detailed Description:   

Only edition of these hiddushim on Seder Nashim and tractate Hullin as well as fourteen hadrans for completion of tractates and Piskei Halakhot and customs of the Vilna gaon (Gr”a, R. Elijah ben Solomon Zalman) on the Shulhan Arukh Yoreah De’ah, Aven ha-Ezer, and Hoshen Mishpat by R. Zevi ben Menahem Schor. The title-page describes this as part one but there is no indication that additional parts were ever printed. There are approbations from R. Abraham Ezra and R. Mendel ben Noah Hayyim, followed by the author’s introduction in which he describes the parts of this work and informs that he is descended from R. Hirsch Zevi ben Menachem, author of Torat Hayyim. The text follows, but not in the order stated above from the title-page, but rather begins with the hadrans, Piskei Halakhot, and then the hiddushim. Zevi ve-Hamid is a valuable and varied multi-part work.


Hebrew Description: