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Tokhahat MeGollah, Judah Leib Kurtz, Drohobiṭsh 1898

תוכחת מגולה - Only Edition - Polemic - Corfu

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  • Title (English) Tokhahat MeGollah
  • Title (Hebrew) תוכחת מגולה
  • Note Only Edition - Polemic - Corfu
  • Author Judah Leib Kurtz
  • City Drohobiṭsh
  • Publisher פוס א. ה. זופניק
  • Publication Date 1898
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Physical Description

Only edition. 24 pp., 200:130 mm., nice margins, heavy age staining with chipping, loose in library boards.


Detail Description

A call from the Exile to support the "Ahavat Zion" movement, which bought land in Erez Israel for the settlement of Orthodox Jews.

This is followed by a call to support settlers by purchasing etrogim grown in Eretz Israel, versus Corfu etrogim which are grafted with other citrus trees. Until the end of the 19th century the center for the cultivation of etrogim was the island of Corfu, from where they were exported to Jewish communities in Europe. The grafting of etrogim with other citrus trees was invented as a method of producing a beautiful fruit. There are several distinguishing signs by which the grafted and the ungrafted etrog can be distinguished. The skin of the latter is generally rougher than that of the former, and, according to some halakhic authorities, the seed of the latter lies longitudinally within the fruit, and that of the former, latitudinal.


Hebrew Description:

 אל הצדיקים... החסידים... שארית ישראל העומדים... מנגד להרעיון... "ישוב ארץ ישראל" (הלא... לא תוכלו... עוד... לעמוד מנגד גם להחברה... "אהבת ציון" בטארנוב אשר מטרתה... לקחת חבל... בקנית המניות... בשאר נדבות... להושיב נשמות ארצנו), מאת יהודה ליבוש קארעטץ, ראפטשיטץ...

עמ’ כ-כד: קול קורא אל הרבנים... כי יתנו משפט הבכורה לאתרוגי א"י.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000163442