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Dimot Shelish, R. Uri ben Zevi Hirsch Landman, Czernowitz 1885

דמעות שליש - Only Edition - Hasidic

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  • Lot Number 51211
  • Title (English) Dimot Shelish
  • Title (Hebrew) דמעות שליש
  • Note Only Edition - Hasidic
  • Author R. Uri ben Zevi Hirsch Landman
  • City Czernowitz
  • Publisher דפוס הירש וואהל
  • Publication Date 1885
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  • Estimated Price - High 500

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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, [1], 62 (should say 63) ff., age staining, nice margins. A good copy loose in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

Only edition of these hespedim (eulogies) for three righteous Hasidic shepherds of Israel. The rabbis are R. Abraham Jacob of Sadigora, R. Hanoch Henoch of Alesk, and R. Menachem Mendel of Viznitza. All of the eulogies are simultaneously moving and informative. An example of the first subject of the hespedim is that of R. Abraham Jacob Friedman of Sadigora  (below).

R. Abraham Jacob Friedman of Sadigora  (1823 - 1883) was the first rebbe of the Sadigura Hasidic dynasty. He immersed himself in Torah study and mysticism, and was considered the greatest Rebbe of his era,  attracting hundreds of thousands of Jews to his court. he Sadigura Rebbe was widely known and respected for his wisdom, intellect, and witty speech. Presiding as he did over a court filled with beauty and splendor, giving inspiration to the downtrodden Jews of Galicia, Romania and Ukraine, the Rebbe aroused the envy of the local maskilim, who sought to topple him as they had done his father. In 1856, the maskilim defamed him to the authorities, claiming he was in partnership with a Jewish forger taken into custody by police. The forger was in possession of a letter from the Rebbe blessing him in all his endeavors. The Rebbe was incarcerated for 15 months in a damp, cold cell with scanty food, seriously damaging his health. Upon his release, his brothers and Hasidim staged massive prayer sessions for him. One young Hasid, Mordechai Mishel of Linsk, offered to take on the Rebbe's illness in return for a share in the World to Come. The Hasid fell ill that evening and died shortly after, while the Rebbe's health improved and he lived for many more years. The Sadigura Rebbe encouraged and abetted Jews to settle in the Holy Land. He chaired the Kolel Vohlin and completed the fund-raising for the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue, the Ruzhiner synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem initiated by and named after his father. The synagogue was completed in 1872. He also purchased the privilege of lighting the main bonfire at the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron, Israel on Lag BaOmer from the Sephardi guardians of Meron and Safed. The Sadigura Rebbe bequeathed this honor to his surviving eldest son, Rabbi Yitzchok Friedman, the first Boyaner Rebbe, and his progeny.


Hebrew Description

מילי דהספידא... על פטירת... שלשת הרועים... ר’ אברהם יעקב [פרידמאן] ... מסאדיגורא, נפטר יא אלול תרמ"ג, ומחו’... מרן חנוך הניך ... אבד"ק אלעסק, נפטר ב דר"ח אלול תרמ"ד, וש"ב... מרן מנחם מענדיל [האגר] ... אבד"ק וויזניצא, נפטר ער"ח מר חשון תרמ"ה... עשיתיו אני... אורי אבד"ק פדולאיי ... מלפנים אבד"ק ווישנאוויץ ברוסיא, בלא"א... מוה’ צבי הירש זצ"ל אבד"ק סטרעליסק ולבסוף בקוטב, נכד... מוה’ יצחק אבד"ק וויזניצא... ומצד אמי הנני נכד הרה"ק שרף... אורי זצוקלל"ה מסטערליסק... ונספח לזה הערות... ותוכו רצוף ביאורים... באמרי חז"ל... וממטעמי הפלפול בדברים הנוגעים להלכה... והרבה חידושי תורה...



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