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Ez ha-Hayyim, R. Judah ha-Levi Ashlag, Jerusalem 1927

עץ החיים - Only Edition

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  • Lot Number 51236
  • Title (English) Ez ha-Hayyim
  • Title (Hebrew) עץ החיים
  • Note Kabbalah - Only Edition
  • Author R. Judah ha-Levi Ashlag
  • City Jerusalem
  • Publisher S Zukermann
  • Publication Date 1927
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Physical Description:

Only edition of commentary. [3], 56 ff. folio 372:245 mm., wide margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards.


Detailed Description:   

Only edition of the collected teachings of the Ari ha-Kodesh (R. Solomon Luria) assembled by his leading disciple R. Hayyim Vital with a twofold commentary by R. Judah ha-Levi Ashlag. In Ez ha-Hayyim R. Vital assembled all the major writings of the ari, elaborating on his teachings. They are the basis of Lurianic Kabbalah, the predominant school of Kabbalah for the last several centuries. R. Ashlag’s commentary is comprised or Panim Me’irot and Panim Masbirot, the former a concise explanation, the latter a detailed and indepth commentary. The entire work, comprising six vbolumes was published from 1927 through 1930. This is the first volume of the larger Ez ha-Hayyim with R. Ashlag’s Panim Me’irot and Panim Masbirot and includes his important introduction.

R. Judah Ashlag (1886–1955) was an Israeli kabbalist and rabbi. R. Ashlag, who was born in Warsaw, was educated in hasidic schools. He was a disciple of R. Shalom Rabinowicz of Kalushin, and of his son R. Yehoshah Asher of Porissov. He also had a teacher of Kabbalah whose name, he maintained, he was not allowed to divulge. R. Ashlag emigrated to Palestine in 1920 and settled in the Old City of Jerusalem, where he established a yeshivah, named Bet Ulpena le-Rabbanim, and instructed his pupils in halakhah and Kabbalah. In 1946 he moved to Tel Aviv. His other writings include Talmud Eser Sefirot (1955–67), on the kabbalistic doctrines of R. Isaac Luria, of which six volumes were published by 1968; Ha-Sullam ("The Ladder," 1945–60), a commentary on the entire Zohar and Zohar Hadash (including an almost complete Hebrew translation of the Zohar) in 22 volumes, completed by his brother-in-law R. Yehudah Zevi Brandwein.


Hebrew Description:  

מהאר"י ז"ל, עם שני המאורות ... מסביב לו, מאירים ומסבירים ... פנים מאירות, ביאור קצר ומספיק לפרש דברי המחבר ... פנים מסבירות, ביאור רחב ... למתחילים בתוכן עשר הספירות והעולמות והפרצופין ... ונותן דרכי ... כתבי האר"י ... הזוהר והתיקונים ... מפעלות ... ר' יהודה הלוי אשלג שליט"א רב ... בגבעת שאול ... ירושלם ... המו"ל דוד מינצבערג, משה ברוך למבערגער ... המסתופפים בצל ... המחבר ... חלק א-[ד].



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