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Beit Elohim, R. Moses b. Joseph Di Trani (Ma-bit), Venice 1576

בית אלהים - First Edition

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  • Lot Number 51273
  • Title (English) Beit Elohim
  • Title (Hebrew) בית אלהים
  • Note First Edition
  • Author R. Moses b. Joseph Di Trani (Ma-bit)
  • City Venice
  • Publisher דפוס זואני דיגארה
  • Publication Date 1576
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Physical Description

First edition, 2-120, [10] ff., lacking title, 10 ff of index ff., folio, 284:1805 mm., upper margins clipped many ff affecting text, age and damp staining, some running titles clipped, worming, bound in later boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

R. Moses b. Joseph Di Trani (Heb. acronym Ma-bit; 1500–1580), rabbi. His father emigrated from Italy to Salonika, where Moses was born, but the family was of Spanish origin. Orphaned at an early age, Moses went to Adrianople to live with his uncle Aaron, studying with him as well as at the yeshivah of R. Joseph Fasi. He later proceeded to Safed where he studied under Jacob Berab, and was one of the four scholars ordained by him in his attempt to reintroduce ordination (semikhah). In 1525 Moses was appointed marbiz Torah of the Bet Ya'akov congregation. In 1535 he visited Jerusalem. Moses devoted himself to a considerable extent to the agricultural laws which was obtained in Erez Israel, and in a Sabbatical Year exempted from tithes produce that had grown in land belonging to a gentile, even though it had been stored by a Jew. This decision was disputed by Joseph Caro and other Safed scholars. There were also spirited controversies between him and Caro on other matters. For some time he stayed in Damascus (1565). Moses was active as rabbi and dayyan for 54 years, but it was only after the death of Joseph Caro that he was appointed spiritual head of the whole community of Safed. Moses had two sons: Solomon, who was rabbi in Egypt, and Joseph Trani (from his second marriage), who was rabbi in Safed and in Constantinople.

R. Moses' other works are: Beit Elohim, a moral and philosophical work with a commentary to Perek Shirah (Venice, 1576; Warsaw, 1872); Iggeret Derekh ha-Shem, a moral work (Venice, 1553); responsa (2 pts. Venice, 1629–30; Lvov, 1861).


Hebrew Description

שחבר... ר’ משה נר"ו בכה"ר יוסף נ"ע מטראני אשר אור תורתו זורח כהיום... בעיר צפת... וחלקו לשלשה שערים: שער התפלה, שער התשובה ושער העקרים. נדפס עם אותיות הבונבירגי.

בגוף הספר, דף לה, א: שער השלישי והוא שער היסודות.

מעבר לשער: "אלה דברי הקטן... מתושבי צפת", ברוך בר אלעזר הכהן. הקדמה חרוזה, פותחת: ברוך ה’ אלהי ישראל. אוצר השירה והפיוט, ב, עמ’ 61, מס’ 1402.

דף ג,ב: שני שירים: א. על עשר ספירות. פותח: אשורר לאל שוכן בציון. אוצר השירה והפיוט, א, עמ’ 356, מס’ 7858. ב. על יג עקרים. פותח: אאמן שמך ואקרא אליכם אישים. שם, א, עמ’ 2, מס’ 23.

י דף: "פירוש פרק שירה", עם הפנים, "אשר יסד... ר’ משה... מטראני".

קולופון: "והוגה... ע"י ... יצחק בן... ר’ גרשון טריווס נ"ע... ואם... ימצא בו עול ידינני לכף זכות כי... מלאכת הדפוס... נעשית על ידי גוים אשר ביום השבת ביום השבת יערכו את הדפוס ועין השגחת כל בר ישראל נעלם ממנו מדי שבת בשבתו".



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960  #000119870; EJ