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Hagada, J[udah] D[avid] Eisenstein, New York c. 1928

הגדה של פסח - Haggadah - Illustrated - Unrecorded

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  • Lot Number 51280
  • Title (English) Haggada
  • Title (Hebrew) הגדה של פסח
  • Note Haggadah - Illustrated
  • Author J[udah] D[avid] Eisenstein
  • City New York
  • Publisher Hebrew Publishing Co.
  • Publication Date c. 1928
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  • Estimated Price - High 500

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Physical Description

[4], IV-XVIII, 71:72 pp., octavo, 176:128 mm., light age, food & wine staining, nice crisp margins. A very good copy bound in the original red cloth over boards, rubbed.

Unrecorded - With an extra illustrated title page - not listed in Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960


Detail Description

 Title: The narrative of Israel’s redemption from Egypt. Seder ritual for Passover-eve. Hebrew and English. Illustrated by Lola. New translation with annotations by J[udah] D[avid] Eisenstein...

Judah David Eisenstein (1854–1956), U.S. encyclopedist, anthologist, and author. Eisenstein was born in Mezhirech, Poland, and in 1872 emigrated to the United States, where he became a successful coat manufacturer. He was a founder of the first Hebrew society in the United States, Shoharei Sefat Ever (1880), and one of its first Hebrew writers. Although he also undertook translations, e.g., in 1891 publishing the text of the American constitution in Hebrew and Yiddish, his fame rests on his anthologies, for which he earned the epithet "master of treasuries" (as all his anthologies bore the title Ozar, "treasury"). He published a Jewish encyclopedia in ten volumes with the assistance of experts from various countries, Ozar Yisrael (1907–13). His other anthologies include: Ozar Midrashim (2 vols., 1915); Ozar Dinim u-Minhagim (1917, "Laws and Customs"); Ozar Derushim Nivharim (1918, "Selected Homilies"); Ozar Derashot (1919, "Sermons"); Ozar Perushim ve-Ziyyurim al Haggadah shel Pesah (.1920), on the Haggadah; Ozar Massa'ot (1926), anthology of Jewish travel literature; Ozar Ma'amrei Tanakh (1925), a biblical concordance; Ozar Ma'amrei Hazal (1922), rabbinic aphorisms; Ozar Vikkuhim (1928), disputations; Ozar Musar u-Middot (1941), on ethics and morals. ,p> Eisenstein was the author of Ma'amrei Bikkoret (1897), a criticism of Rodkinson's translation of the Talmud; History of the First Russian American Jewish Congregation (1901); Development of the Jewish Casuistic Literature in America (1904); and other works. Eisenstein's Commentary on the Torah, edited by B. D. Perlow and I. Eisenstein, was published posthumously (1960). His autobiography and memoirs, Ozar Zikhronotai (1929), includes a bibliography of his articles.


Hebrew Description

עם אותיות מעוטרות וציורים בצבעים שונים. דינים ומנהגים לסדר ליל חג המצות. מבוא, באור הערות ומקורות על ידי יהודה דוד אייזנשטיין. מוגה ע"פ חוקי הדקדוק...

מקור ותרגום, עמוד מול עמוד.