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Aze Eden, R. Judah Loeb Margolioth, Frankfort on the Oder 1802

עצי עדן - Only Edition - Polemic - Anti Reform - Copy of Hasidic Admor

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  • Lot Number 51355
  • Title (English) Aze Eden
  • Title (Hebrew) עצי עדן
  • Note Only Edition - Polemic - Anti Reform - Copy of Hasidic Admor
  • Author R. Judah Loeb Margolioth
  • City Frankfort on the Oder
  • Publisher Professor Elssner
  • Publication Date 1802
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Physical Description

First edition. 30 ff., quarto, 183:145 mm., wide margins, usual age staining, worming, faded stamp on title. A good copy not bound.


The copy of R. Israel Moses Lifschitz (d. 1918), Admor of Proskurov and son of R. Jehiel Meir of Gostynin known as the "Good Jew of Gostynin." R. Jehiel Meir was a pupil of R. Menahem Mendel of Kotsk and R. Jacob Aryeh Gutterman of Radzymin, with faded stamp on title.


Detail Description

Homilies on belief, philosophy, pride, and humility, with a criticism of Mendelssohn's "Jerusalem."

R. Judah Loeb Margolioth (1747–1811), was born in Zborov, Galicia, served as rabbi in various East European communities and from 1805 in Frankfort on the Oder. He was familiar with medieval and contemporary Hebrew scientific literature as well as with contemporary Haskalah literature. In his books of sermons, he emphasized social justice and criticized the rich. He opposed Hasidism but also objected to the study of philosophy which he regarded as undermining faith. Thus he criticized Mendelssohn for advocating freedom of ideas in Judaism in his book, Jerusalem, but advocated the study of Hebrew grammar, the sciences, and mathematics. He wrote Or Olam al Hokhmat ha-Teva ("Light of the World - On Science," Frankfort on the Oder, 1777). The main point of the book is the classification of the "wisdoms" into science, mathematics, physics, and metaphysics; and the art of leading men: politics, economics, and ethics. The book was well received and was enthusiastically praised by Russian and Polish rabbis. His other works include interpretations of the Torah, responsa, sermons, and linguistic studies. Margolioth's books give expression to the mood of Eastern European Jews in the early days of the Haskalah, and demonstrate the initial willingness among certain Orthodox elements to accept social reforms and even secular studies, but their disillusionment when they witnessed the radical results of Enlightenment.


Hebrew Description

... דרושים... מליצה ומוסר השכל... משלים ... ופרושים... בפסוקים ואגדות, חברו הרב... מוהרי"ל מרגליות... אשר לפנים הי' לרב אב"ד בק"ק בוזנאב, ואח"ז נתקבל לרב אב"ד בק"ק שעברשין, ומשם נתקבל לרב אב"ד בק"ק פלאצק... ומשם נתקבל לרב אב"ד לק"ק לעסלא... גם... חדושים מבן... המחבר... הרב... מוה' אשר זעליג מרגליות הרב אב"ד דק"ד שעברשין, חתן... מוה' שלמה שפירא...

חדושי ר' אשר זליג מרגליות לא נכללו. אפשר שהכוונה היתה להכלילם בחלק שני שהתכוון להוציא לאור ולא יצא.



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