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Flyer for Hetter Me'ah Rabbanim, R. Yehonatan haLevi Eybshutz, Warsaw c.1930

שו"ת להיתר מאה רבנים - Women

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  • Lot Number 51371
  • Title (English) Hetter Me'ah Rabbanim
  • Title (Hebrew) שו"ת להיתר מאה רבנים
  • Note Women
  • Author R. Yehonatan b. Joseph Jehiel haLevi Eybshutz
  • City Warsaw
  • Publication Date 1930's
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Physical Description

Flyer, 280:217 mm., light age staining, edges trimmed.


Detailed Description   

The rabbi gives a husband permission to pursue a Hetter Me'ah Rabbanim after finding that his wife has been a promiscuous women with many men, Jewish and gentile spending hours in her private quarters. R. Yehonatan haLevi Eybshutz was a dayyan in Warsaw and the author of several scholarly works in various disciplines of Rabbinics.

"Hetter Me'ah Rabbanim" for a gentleman to re-marry. The "Hetter" is utilized to relieve a man from the Herem de-Rabbenu Gershom againt bigamy. After the Bet Din has decided that a release from the herem should be granted, the matter is referred to 100 rabbis of three "countries" (Ozar ha-Posekim, EH 1:61, 9) for approval and, if so approved, the hetter takes effect. As a preliminary, the husband is required to deposit with the court a get for his first wife, together with an irrevocable authority for the court to have the get delivered to his first wife as soon as she is able and willing to receive it from an agent appointed by the husband at the request of the court. However, in the case where the hetter is given because of the first wife's insanity, it is customary to give her a new get when she recovers, rather than the one previously deposited with the court, as some doubt could be cast on the latter's validity, since it was the wife's insanity that made it impossible to deliver the get to her originally and there may therefore possibly be other legal objections to its validity. The deposited get is usually only delivered to her if she is in danger of becoming a deserted wife (see Agunah; Arukh ha-Shulhan, EH 1:26; Ozar ha-Posekim, EH 1:72, 30–31). Furthermore, the husband is also generally required to deposit with the court the amount of the wife's ketubbah in cash or provide adequate security (Bah, EH 119; Sh. Ar., EH; Beit Shemu'el 1, n. 23; Arukh ha-Shulhan, EH 1:25; Ozar ha-Posekim, 1:72, 23–24). Some authorities are of the opinion that the husband must also deposit with the court, or adequately secure in like manner, such sum as the court may determine to cover the wife's maintenance and medical expenses (Ozar ha-Posekim, EH 1:72, 29).


Hebrew Description

 רבי יהונתן בן יוסף יחיאל הלוי אייבשיץ. שקודם לדמצו"תו בוורשה היה אבד"ק וואלאמין ואלו חיבוריו. אהל ברוך, לכבוד הרבנים, שער יהונתן, קונטרס גדולת יהונתן שבח"ג מספר שיח שרפי קודש לר"י ראקוץ. וכן השתתף בהוצאת הספר ישרש יעקב מר"י טננבוים חתנו של ר"מ מוורקא. וכן הו"ל [בצירוף הערות ושאר ירקות] את הספר חדות שמחה מהאדמו"ר ר' שמחה בונם מפשיסחה. בנוסף לכך יש הסכמה ממנו לספר מליצי אש-שטרן