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Derekh ha-Tov ve-ha-Yashar, R. Meir Margaliot, Odessa 1890

אור עולם, הדרך הטוב והישר - Hasidic - Kabbalah

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  • Lot Number 51384
  • Title (English) Derekh ha-Tov ve-ha-Yashar
  • Title (Hebrew) אור עולם, הדרך הטוב והישר
  • Note Hasidic - Kabbalah
  • Author R. Meir Margaliot
  • City Odessa
  • Publisher אבא דוכנא
  • Publication Date 1890
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Physical Description

37 ff., octavo, 214:138 mm., light age staining. A very good copy bound in the original printed title over boards, rubbed.

Signed by publisher on fly.


Detail Description

Important Hasidic and kabbalistic work by R. Meir b. Zevi Hirsch Margalioth of Ostraha (Ostrog; d. 1790), Hasidic rabbi in Poland; a disciple of R. Israel b. Eliezer the Ba'al Shem Tov. He was descended from a celebrated rabbinical family. From a very early age he and his elder brother became devoted and loved disciples of the Ba'al Shem Tov. R. Meir, who gained a reputation as one of the greatest scholars of his age, served as rabbi in Jaslo and later in Horodenka (Gorodenka); in 1755 he was appointed rabbi in the Lvov region and in 1777 was appointed rabbi Ostraha, a title officially confirmed by the King of Poland, Stanislas II Augustus, which established his authority over all the rabbis of the district. He wrote works on halakhah and Kabbalah, and also long didactic poems. His great prestige helped to promote Hasidism, which at that time gave it important support. He had five sons, all of whom became noted rabbis and scholars. His works are Meir Netivim (Polonnoye, 1791–92); Sod Yakhin u-Vo'az (Ostrog, 1794); Derekh ha-Tov ve-ha-Yashar (Polonnoye, 1795); and Kotnot Or (Berdichev, 1816).


Hebrew Description

... נר הרביעי הדרך הטוב והישר ... נדפס שנית על ידי משה הכהן פרענקיל נכד המחבר ז"ל.

"הקדמת... המביא שנית לבית הדפוס": "ורשמתי מראה מקומות מש"ס ובאיזה מקומות שלא ביאר המחבר ביארתי".

עם חתימות הרבנים מהוצאת פולנאה תקנ"ה. הסכמות חדשות: ר' יצחק אלחנן ב"ר ישראל איסר [ספקטור], קאוונא, צום העשירי [י טבת תרנ"א];

ר' עזריאל ארי' ליב ב"ר אברהם אבלי [ראקובסקי], מאריאמפאל, לד למטמונים [יט אייר] תר"ן;

ר' יהודה ליב (בהרב ר' ארי' משה) הכהן פרענקיל, אבי המו"ל, אדעס, כג תמוז תר"ן.



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